The best Grand Canyon bus tours from Las Vegas

by Paul Stafford  |  Published December 30, 2019

When the glitz, the bright lights, the cacophony of bells and buzzers all just becomes too much, there is a place close to the edge of Las Vegas where the world opens up and nature reigns supreme. If you thought Las Vegas was the embodiment of humankind’s domination as a species, you haven’t seen what nature’s capable of at the Grand Canyon yet. It puts all of our constructs to shame. And it is possible to take a bus tour from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon and back within a day quite comfortably.

Of the many Grand Canyon bus tours from Las Vegas, they all focus primarily on two regions of the canyon: the South Rim, which is perhaps the most developed of the tourist centres around the canyon and has some of the best views, and Grand Canyon West, which is closer to Las Vegas, allows for more time around the canyon and is still incredibly impressive. Here is a selection of the best three Grand Canyon bus tours, based on a variety of factors such as price, itinerary and previous guest reviews, which cover both of those options.