5 of the best Grand Canyon tours from Phoenix

by Paul Stafford  |  Published May 11, 2020

Nothing can prepare you for your first glimpse of the Grand Canyon. The deep, rocky abyss, where the earth just opens up, is beyond magnificent. There are a number of key areas from which the Grand Canyon can best be appreciated. The North Rim is generally inaccessible during the winter months, the West Rim caters mainly to day-trippers from Las Vegas, but the South Rim has the best-established tourist infrastructure, without ever really losing the sense of rural escape. It’s this rim that is most easily accessible on a bus tour from Phoenix, Arizona.

It would be impossible to visit the Grand Canyon without some means of transportation. For many, driving is part of the experience but the distance between the Grand Canyon and Phoenix is roughly 230 miles, which can be quite an exhausting trek. So, if you’d much rather be driven, then bus tours are one of the commonest and best value ways to get to the Grand Canyon and visit as many viewpoints along the edge as possible. Tours selected for this list depart from and return to Phoenix or its contiguous city of Scottsdale, which lies to the immediate east of Phoenix. Numerous factors, including itinerary, comfort, value for money and overall quality of the tour experience were all taken into account when bringing you this top five list.