The Best Greek Island Tours from Athens

by Roisin McAuley  |  Updated July 17, 2019

Images of picture-perfect beaches and tranquil island lifestyle, backed by rich history and culture make the Greek Islands much sought after destinations. With over 200 inhabited islands around the country’s surrounding seas, and thousands more that are uninhabited, island hopping around Greece could last a lifetime. Near Athens, the Aegean Sea is home to a number of volcanic islands that make for excellent day trips, particularly the Saronic Islands.

From the heart of Greece, numerous tours connect visitors to the islands. Many trips are particularly appealing to travellers who want to enjoy their independence rather than conform to organised activities: cruises and trips coordinate the transport and accommodation, leaving the rest to be arranged by the guests themselves. Below we’ve selected four of the best Greek island tours from Athens, selected with varying budgets and itineraries in mind.