5 of the Best Galveston Haunted & Ghost Tours

by Cedric Pentonville  |  Published January 20, 2021

Galveston, Texas is considered to be one of the most haunted places in the United States. So strong is this belief, that the city has even developed its own unique ghost culture. Believers in the paranormal have plenty of supernatural attractions open to them when they make a trip to the barrier island settlement off the coast of Houston, Texas. What makes it such a scary city is hard to say – the city’s history only dates back to the 19th century – but you’re guaranteed to find an excellent haunted tour or ghost-spotting excursion during your time in Galveston.

Tours of the paranormal variety are common in Galveston as travelers flock to the city in the hope of witnessing the glowing orbs, ghoulish apparitions and unusual encounters for themselves. And naturally plenty of tour operators have obliged this demand with a slew of excellent tours. Here are five of the best, taking into account factors like the value for money, previous guest reviews and the sheer level of macabre with which you’ll be presented during the experience.