The Best Horseback Riding Experiences Around Sedona

by Cedric Pentonville  |  Published February 15, 2021

Sedona, a tiny city in the Coconino National Forest of Arizona, is surrounded by an enviable expanse of natural beauty which, even for the endlessly beautiful American Southwest, is quite special. It’s a land that may be familiar from Hollywood Westerns, and the endless plains and snowcapped mountains all around the region just beg to be explored on horseback. It is a much more peaceful and less invasive way to appreciate the natural beauty that lies all around this remarkable region of the state.

Sedona town itself is a great base from which to explore further afield and there are some excellent horseback riding experiences available within an hour’s drive. Nearby cities like Prescott and Flagstaff have good stables and are therefore considered for this list. Here are the best three horseback riding experiences within easy reach of Sedona, based on a variety of factors including the value for money, health and safety record of the providers, and the good treatment of the horses.