Editor Picks: Hotels in Lucerne

by Paul Stafford  |  Published November 17, 2020

When mountains and forest-covered lakeshores aren’t of enough interest to the Alpine traveller, there’s the historic city of Lucerne (aka Luzern or Luzerne) to add its quirky buildings and laid-back waterfront dining to the mix. Draining the lake is Reuss River, crossed in style by the covered wooden walkway, Chapel Bridge, which spans the water in a characterful diagonal riot of wood and flowers. The Old Town’s half-timbered buildings, watch towers and centuries-old churches provide plenty for a packed weekend break, although many people stay in Lucerne for even longer, using the city as a base from which to explore further afield.

Lucerne’s hotels range from notable high-end chains to historic boutiques, each one providing comfort and quality by the boat-load. And while Switzerland isn’t exactly known as a budget traveller’s destination, there are plenty of hotels offering excellent value for money in Lucerne. Here are five of the best hotels in Lucerne across a range of price points, taking into account factors like the amenities, room comfort, breakfast provision and location.