The best 3 Irish castle tours from Dublin

by Paul Stafford  |  Published September 27, 2018

When you head into the countryside from Dublin, a long fascinating history unfurls in the form of ancient burial mounds and the ruins of past glories and past follies stretching back five millennia. But many of the most captivating sights, perhaps entrenched by movies and TV shows that glamourize these past bastions of power, are in the form of castles. And Ireland has plenty of them. Some are in a state of decay, some are still inhabited and all of them are memorable ways to take a day-trip into the Irish countryside from Dublin.

While Ireland’s castles are all captivating in their own right, three in particular are accessible on a day tour, but not necessarily all of them can be visited in the same day, including Blarney Castle, Malahide Castle and Trim Castle. Therefore, this list presents three of the best castle tours from Dublin, which includes tours that focus on experiencing only one castle fully, or a couple of neighbouring castles more briefly on a longer itinerary.