3 of the best Key West Jet Ski tours

by Paul Stafford  |  Published December 14, 2020

Key West is a remarkable watery wonderland. For over 100 miles along the Florida Keys, you’re never more than a few hundred meters away from the open ocean, in more than one direction. So, by the time you reach Key West, it’s no surprise that you’re likely to encounter as many boats as cars there, and it’s equally easy to find some excellent and exhilarating ways to enjoy the water too. But it is hard to find a way to enjoy Key West more than by whizzing over the water on a jet ski tour.

There are many types of jet ski tours in Key West, some are designed to allow riders to let loose, others are guided tours of the region, unlocking sides of Key West you may not get to know otherwise. Then there are the all-out adrenaline packed watersports tours, which usually include jet skiing as part of a broader itinerary. By considering all of these options, as well as the important, yet boring, stuff (health and safety, value for money, reviews from previous travelers etc.) we bring you the best three Key West jet ski tours.