Where to Buy Cheap LA Lakers Game Tickets

by Holly Riddle  |  Published December 18, 2019

With an enviable 16 NBA Championship wins, the Los Angeles Lakers remain one of the most successful basketball teams of all time. While controversial for some long-time fans, LeBron James’s move to the Lakers has made attending a game all the more enticing.

Photo: Bradley Park via Flickr/CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Catch a 2020 home game at the STAPLES Center in Los Angeles.  If you want to buy risk-free, single game tickets, we recommend checking the top two U.S. NBA ticket providers.


Book with TicketMaster

TicketMaster is the official ticketing partner for the NBA. On the platform, you’ll find both primary tickets and fan-to-fan resale tickets, all of which are 100% guaranteed by Ticketmaster. The resale option means that you may still be able to buy tickets for sold-out events or find discount tickets. (Or sell your own, if need be!) Find the ticket price and location you want via the TicketMaster arena map. Then, you will conveniently receive the tickets on your mobile phone. Be aware that fees–between 15 and 20% per ticket–are added on top of your ticket price. Tip: You can also book parking through Ticketmaster, but you have to do so separately, as the option does not come up when you’re actually shopping for your ticket.

Stubhub is the second largest online ticketing marketplace for NBA discount and single-game tickets. We found that Stubhub prices are a bit more than those on Ticketmaster. For the same Lakers game, for example, tickets start at $85 on Stubhub and $80 on TicketMaster. However, it still worth your time to check both sites to see which has your preferred seating and price. Navigate available tickets using the map and convenient filters,  like “Lowest Price,” “Best Value” and “Best Seats.” Fees on Stubhub are comparable to Ticketmaster. Mobile delivery is also available, as is ticket insurance and parking.

If you’re looking for group or season tickets, head straight to the Lakers’ website. When you go into the Lakers’ ticket portal, you’ll see options to buy handicap-accessible seating (an option that’s not made clear with either Stubhub or TicketMaster), as well as parking.