Where to find the best Level 5 Tefl courses

by Allie d'Almo  |  Published March 16, 2021

Level 5 TEFL is the most advanced and in-depth course available for aspiring English language teachers. But with so many courses on the market, which should you choose?

best Level 5 Tefl course

(Photo: Nenad Stojkovic via Flickr/ CC BY 2.0)

Level 5 TEFL courses take longer to complete and cost more than standard courses, but they also opens doors to better paid opportunities. Students with a Level 5 qualification have the pick of the best schools and roles, in the most competitive locations. All courses require at least 168-hours training, some offering up to 300-hours of teaching time. With so many to choose from, selecting the right provider and the right course can be overwhelming. To help make your decision easier, we’ve selected three of the best Level 5 TEFL courses, based on price, curriculum, student support and job prospects.

The Tefl Academy

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We’ve selected the TEFL Academy as our top pick for Level 5 TEFL courses. For starters, it is the world’s only TEFL course officially recognised in both the UK and the USA, approved by government-recognised bodies. The 168-hour course covers 10 units, including grammar, pronunciation, lesson planning and teaching methods. Students can choose an online or ‘combined’ course, which includes 20-hours of classroom teaching. The school also offers more sites than most other providers, making it easy to find a convenient location to complete your practical training. Once you’ve qualified, you can access thousands of jobs on the job placement database and leverage the academy’s established links with some of the world’s biggest recruiters.

The TEFL Org

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The TEFL Org offers self-paced online and combination Level 5 courses for an affordable price. The 168-hour course covers the core concepts of teaching English, as well as speciality modules such as teaching over the telephone and teaching large classes. Students have the opportunity to watch a range of different English lessons taught by EFL and ESL teaching professionals too. You can also opt for a 188-hour combination course, which includes hands-on experience in a virtual setting — perfect for those studying at the same time as working. Students also get their own personal online TEFL tutor, as well as lifetime access to CV support and the job centre.
I-2-i is an excellent option for students looking to complete the whole Level 5 course online. The school offers 180-hour, 240-hour and 300-hour courses, regulated by Ofqual and accredited by the Open and Distance Learning Quality Council. The 240-hour course offers an additional 60-hour module for online and one-to-one teaching, while the 300-hour course includes 60-hours for teaching business English on top of that. Since the courses are fully online, you’ll have access to the course materials 24/7, as well as support and expert advice from a team of DELTA-qualified tutors.