5 of the Best London to Rome Tours

by Chris Newens  |  Published April 23, 2024

The zenith of cultural tourism, any journey from London to Rome is one of outstanding beauty and historical significance, passing through countless other world class destinations and bookended by two dazzlingly different capitals.

Amsterdam, one of the first stop offs for most London to Rome trips (Courtesy Bookmundi)

All roads lead to Rome, as they used to say, which today is another way of expressing that when it comes to routes to choose on your way from London to the Eternal City, your options are eyewatering. Below we’ve listed both more meandering tours that strike out east, as well as some the shorter, more direct ones, which still can’t help passing through a breath-taking breadth of culture.

London to Rome Highlights
A tour that doesn’t mess about. Reasonably priced and direct, this ten day journey nevertheless scales some of the highest peaks of European culture, places whose names alone are enough to inspire the most romantic of dreams: London, Paris, Venice, Florence, Rome. And because you’re travelling overland, there’s no shortage of stunning natural vistas to gaze on as well, from the White Cliffs of Dover to the vineyards of Burgundy and the Swiss Alps. Accommodation is modern and comfortable; what you’ll experience, unforgettable. From 1,407 euros

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Trekking Through the Continent

London, still the biggest city in Western Europe (Courtesy Bookmundi)

Taking a slightly more meandering approach, by pitching east out of London to head first to Amsterdam, this tour really highlights Europe’s extraordinary variety. From the multicultural buzz of Britain’s capital to the watery ordered beauty of the Dutch one, then down into the chic sophistication of Paris. As you head further south, so the culinary wonders really take hold as you head through French wine country and into Lyon, one of the undisputed gastronomic capitals of the world. Then, it’s back into the modern clean metropolises of Switzerland before settling into Italy’s baroque indulgence. You’ll find it hard to believe so much contrast can be fitted into such a short space and time. From 1,924 euros

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European Flair

Because as well as history and culture, Western Europe is also one of the great homes of luxury. Sumptuous is the byword for this journey, which makes its way even further east into the chocolate box elegance of Salzburg and Prague. An excellent year round trip this is even more evocative in winter, when the Christmas lights and markets shine. By the time you make Venice, you’ll feel like you’re drowning in honey, awed that Rome still awaits. From 3,456 euros

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London to Rome Vistas

Paris, always a good idea (Courtesy Bookmundi)

One for younger travellers, richer on time than on money. This twenty day trip is London to Rome the long way round and a real European starter pack. From the bars of Berlin to cruising on the Danube through Budapest to cycling through the natural beauty of the Austrian Tyrol, this is a journey of experience, one that will make you grow as an individual and might just make you see the world in a different way. And all while making friends for life, and having no small amount of late night fun. Accommodation is basic, though mostly avoids hostel dorms. From 2,931 euros

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European Traveller

And here’s the one for people with a surplus of money over time, threading as straight a line as you can between the two capitals – with only a slight detour to go to Venice, because when in, or at least on your way to, Rome, why not? With slightly higher end accommodation, it’s a week that takes you through more than two thousand years of European history, from Big Ben to Saint Peter’s basilica with the Eiffel Tower, the Alps, and the Grand Canal in between. From 1,995 euros

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