A Comparison of Luxury & Boutique Hotels in Milos

by Chris Newens  |  Published September 29, 2023

Original home of the most famous artwork from antiquity, the Venus de Milo – yes, the one that’s in the Louvre – present-day Milos resembles something more akin to a modern sculpture, with the volcanic coastline of this beautiful island bending in colourful, surreal formations above a sparkling azure sea.

Captain Zappos (Photo: Captain Zappos Courtesy

With more beaches than any other island in the Cyclades and a whole plethora of authentic local villages to visit, there’s little wonder that Milos is so popular with tourists. Naturally, there are plenty of hotels to choose from: we’re here to help you find the very best.

Captain Zappos
Situated in the north of the island, in the charming village of Pollonia, Captain Zappos is a friendly, family run hotel on a human scale. With wood floor and stone wall interiors, it’s nevertheless far more stylish than it is rustic. There’s a stunning view from the terrace directly out on the bay, easy access to the beach, and a small swimming pool onsite for more civilised dips. A kitchen in the property itself leaves you free to cook up local produce if you want, though there are also plenty of excellent restaurants nearby for dining out. From 151 euros per night

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Domes White Coast Milos

Domes White Coast Milos (Photo: Domes White Coast Milos Courtesy

Cool, calm, clean, white, and angular, this is one of Milos’s true luxury hotels. It’s a tough question, when you’re already in paradise, how do you make it better? But one that the Domes White Coast Milos answers with swagger. Rooms are terraced to make sure each has a spacious balcony and uninterrupted views of the sea, which laps at the hotel’s base. There’s both a large communal pool complete with plush, luxury sun-loungers, as well as smaller private pools in each of the suites. The onsite restaurant is terrific, and will bring you food virtually anywhere you are on the property. Note that this is an adults only hotel, which on the upside makes it very calm and relaxing, though unfortunately, it’s not for families. From 410 euros per night

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Artemis Seaside Resort

Offering all you might want from a holiday in a single place, the Artemis Seaside Resort is more tasteful than many complexes of its type, organised expertly to offer the perfect combinations of shade, sun, and water across its many rooms and communal areas. Some rooms have private pools, some have hot tubs, all have great views either of the sea or of the property’s delightful grounds. The style is fresh and spacious, dominated by white with flourishes of natural material. There’s even a car hire service, should, Aphrodite forbid, you ever feel like leaving the resort to explore the rest of the island. From 147 euros per night

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Milos Breeze Boutique Hotel

Milos Breeze Boutique Hotel (Photo: Milos Breeze Boutique Hotel Courtesy

Like a fortress to luxury, sat on a cliff top overlooking the village of Pollonia, the Milos Breeze Boutique Hotel is its own world of fine service just a short walk from both the nearest beach and the bright(ish) lights of town. Rooms are big enough that they feel like private apartments and decorated in a charmingly tasteful local style, with many offering private pools. There’s a quality onsite restaurant should you want to stay in place, and a surfeit of stupendous views to take in while you’re eating. The lovingly kept plant life around the property, meanwhile, makes sure things never feel too arid, even on the hottest of days. From 268 euros per night

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Melian Boutique Hotel & Spa

Any trip to Milos is likely to be rejuvenating, but a stay at the Melian Boutique Hotel & Spa
promises even more health benefits than most. The onsite spa of this beautiful seafront property offers hot tubs and massages galore, while the restaurant prides itself on fresh Mediterranean dishes, smoothies, and – because what’s relaxing without a bit of alcohol thrown into the mix? – cocktails. The traditional interiors are a little more ‘mainland European’ than island Greece, which can certainly appeal to some tastes, and fantastic views naturally abound. From 323 euros per night.

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