The Most Expensive Luxury Hotels in South East Asia

by Paul Joseph  |  Published December 8, 2022

A luxury tented camp in Cambodia is the most expensive hotel in South East Asia, according to a new survey conducted by

Photo: Shinta Mani Wild / Courtesy

The survey compared rates at all luxury hotels in the region based on the minimum price a couple will have to spend to stay in the respective properties, during the period spanning December 1, 2022 to February 28, 2023. This period was selected as it is the time of year when hotel rates in South East Asia tend to be at their highest.

With a minimum rate of $2,425 per night, Shinta Mani Wild, located along a river valley in the waterfall-laced Cambodian rainforest, leads the rankings. Just over a kilometre from the nearest beach, the lavish camp resort features a restaurant and bar, a thatched spa, and an outdoor swimming pool. Popular activities including hiking, cycling and fishing are also possible nearby.

Second and third in our survey are Four Seasons Tented Camp in Thailand ($2,291) and Amansara in Cambodia ($1,944), respectively. Situated on a hillside in Thailand’s northernmost city of  Chiang Rai, in the midst of an exotic bamboo jungle, the upscale Four Seasons property has plenty of luxurious amenities and is also popular with guests keen to embark on excursions such as elephant trekking and riverboat trips, or try their hand at activities including craft or cooking classes.

Amansara, meanwhile, is located in the resort town of Siem Reap in northwestern Cambodia and is one of the region’s most prestigious accommodation options, having once been the residence for guests of King Sihanouk. It’s also a masterpiece of 1960’s New Khmer architecture, and combined with its contemporary facilities such as the gourmet restaurant and state-of-the-art spa help make this a true Cambodian gem.

Elsewhere in the survey, Bahaw Reserve, a private island resort located in Riau province, is the most expensive resort in Indonesia, with a rate of $1,780 per night, ranking 4th priciest overall in South East Asia. Another private island property,  Amanpulo, is the priciest place to stay in the Philippines, with a minimum rate of $1,650 per night.

Singapore’s most expensive hotel is Capella, located on Sentosa island. With a minium rate of $1,037 per night for the most affordable double room, the hotel ranks just outside
of the 10 most expensive hotels in South East Asia.

The following table shows the ten most expensive hotels in South East Asia. The rates shown indicate the least expensive available price (per night, including taxes & fees) for a couple during from December 1, 2022 to February 28, 2023. Rates were established using leading hotel booking websites based on 3-night stays, excluding Sunday to Tuesday.

1. Shinta Mani Wild (Cambodia) $2,425
2. Four Seasons Tented Camp (Thailand) $2,291
3. Amansara (Cambodia) $1,944
4. Bawah Reserve (Indonesia) $1,780
5. Amanwana (Indonesia) $1,669
6. Amanpulo (Philippines) $1,650
7. Bulgari Resort Bali (Indonesia) $1,564
8. Anantara Golden Triangle Elephant Camp (Thailand) $1,539
9. Amantaka (Laos) $1,497
10. Amanpuri (Thailand) $1,365