Editor Picks: The Best Madeira Tours from Funchal

by Roisin McAuley  |  Published April 11, 2018

Portugal’s Madeira Island sits amongst three smaller islands to make up the Portuguese archipelago Madeira. At its heart is the capital of Funchal on the south coast of the island. Don’t let Madeira’s island anatomy direct you to the beaches: the mountainous region has a rocky geography with cliffs and peaks making for the more interesting option for discovery. Away from its rugged shores, the island also offers a unique gastronomy and it’s very own Poncha wine.

There are many sides to Madeira: both physically and culturally, so whether you enjoy climbing into the valleys, taking rocky road trips or simply relaxing and enjoying the flavours of the island, there is plenty to experience. Below we’ve selected five of the best ways to experiences of Madeira taking into consideration time, budget and activity.