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A Comparison of NYC Chocolate Tours & Tastings

by Oliver Stallwood  |  Published May 23, 2024

Experience the sweeter side of New York with a dive into the city’s chocolate industry – there are many different unique tours on offer. 

(Photo: Getyourguide.com)

Iconic skyscrapers, cultural institutions, Fifth Avenue shopping, and of course pizza – there are many reasons to visit New York. But one thing New York has been gaining recognition for in the last few years is chocolate, with festivals, artisan chocolatiers and makers, and speciality chocolate cafes all becoming more popular. For any chocolate lovers visiting New York the good news is there are a number of unique tours to be had that do everything from showing you the best artisan makers to cruising the Hudson pairing the best wine with incredible chocolate. Here is a comparison of NYC chocolate tours and tastings. 

New York City: 2-Hour Chocolate Tasting Tour

New York City has a growing reputation for some of the best chocolatiers in the world – and this tour sets out in search of the finest in Manhattan. Along the way you’ll find out about how chocolate came to New York, visit cult chocolatiers in the city, and sample tasty truffles, salty caramels, and chocolates spiced with exotic flavors. The highlights of the trip include a visit to foodie secret spots in West Village and sampling American-made candies at See’s, which was founded in 1921. It’s a fabulous tour and a great way to find out more about New York’s most decadent dessert stores. From $75

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Wine, Cheese and Chocolate Tasting Cruise Around The Hudson

Feel like you’ve been there and done it all when it comes to New York City (or just fancy something special)? This experience is NYC wine tasting with a luxury twist, a top sommelier creating a multisensory experience from pairings of wine, cheese, and chocolate, all while being surrounded by the stunning Manhattan skyline as you cruise the Hudson River. Among the tasting highlights are Chardonnay paired with caramel chocolate and Swiss cheese, Sauvignon Blanc with coconut almond chocolate and chèvre, and a drop of Cabernet Franc paired with white chocolate and Jalapeño pepper jack cheese. Three standard pairing experience for $179.00.

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Artisan Chocolate Tasting

Calling all choco-connoisseurs. Hosted by Cocoa Store, a New York City retailer of prestigious chocolate brands from around the world, this is an experience for anyone who wants to get to know the sweeter side of the city. You’ll be meeting a chocolate sommelier in the company’s Manhatten store and learning all about how to pair chocolate and wine. There is lots of interesting knowledge to be had along the way, with an in-depth explanation of how the fine flavor cacao beans are transformed into chocolate heaven, from bars to bonbons to hot chocolate and more. From $95.

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