The Best B&Bs, Guest Houses and Cheap Hotels in Oban

by Chris Newens  |  Published September 11, 2017

Gateway to much of the Hebrides, this lovely small town is nevertheless far more than just a place to pass through. With a wonderful sweeping bay, great seafood, and the imposing, colosseum-like structure of McCaig’s Tower looming over it, Oban a terribly inviting place in which to pace your journey to the Scottish islands.

As with most gateway towns, Oban can get busy, particularly in the summer months. Such popularity is something of a double edged claymore where finding accommodation is concerned: there may be big crowds, but there’s also a lot of competition to house them. So, whether you’re just using the town as a pit stop or looking to spend a little more time, we’ve sought out some of the best places for your stay.