Oregon State Football Tickets 2018 & 2019 – Where to buy

by Scott Dylan  |  Published June 29, 2018

Get ready, Beavers fans, it’s game time. Reser Stadium in Corvallis is about to host the Beavers’ 125th season of college football. As the lowest-ranked team in the North Division of the Pac-12, it’s not going to be easy for Oregon State to beat the odds and pitch a comeback this season. A new rule passed by the Pac-12 requires that teams win at least six regular-season games in order to be eligible to play in a bowl in the post-season.

Reser Stadium by Ryan Harvey via Flickr

The Oregon State Beavers have 12 games scheduled in the 2018-2019 season, starting with with an away match against Ohio State on Sept. 1 and finishing on Nov. 23 with a home game against their historic rivals, the Oregon Ducks. So where’s the best place to buy cheap tickets to Beavers’ games? For purchasing tickets we recommend these two leading websites and well as one other website that offers tickets.

StubHub is the official reseller for Oregon State football tickets. StubHub’s interface is a lot easier to use than Ticketmaster’s, showing you all the prices of different matches at once. If you’re planning a tailgate party in the parking lot of a home or away game, StubHub sells parking passes—which are often more expensive than the tickets themselves. Tickets for the Beavers’ regular season games range anywhere from ~$10 to ~$90, depending on the match-up.

The buying process is pretty simple. Search for ‘Oregon State Beavers’ you’ll see a list of all available games and extra amenities for sale. Click on the game you want to attend and you’ll see a color-coded map of the stadium and the lowest-priced tickets available in each section. A word about fees: StubHub charges a “service fee” that averages about 20% as well as a “fulfillment fee” that can range from $2.50 to $5.25, depending on the delivery method. A rough guide is to add 25% to the face value of your tickets.

Ticketmaster’s selection is not as complete as StubHub’s. Of the 12 home and away games in the Beavers’ 2018 season, Ticketmaster only carried 10 as of this writing. Ticketmaster’s Fan-to-Fan Resale lets you buy from other ticketholders at the price they set—plus a 10% fee to Ticketmaster. Unlike StubHub, Ticketmaster’s verification process is a bit more thorough, lowering the chances you’ll get a fake. Ticketmaster’s Verified Tickets policy guarantees that any resale tickets you buy are 100% authentic and re-issued in your name. Although we recommend buying from StubHub, if you’re buying last-minute for a sold-out game, it’s worth checking out Ticketmaster.
The Oregon State Beavers have 6 away games scheduled in the 2018 season: Ohio State in Columbus, Nevada in Reno, Arizona State in Tempe, Colorado in Boulder, Stanford and Washington in Seattle. Whether you live in Oregon and want to support the Beavers at their away games or want to support them at their home games but don’t live in Corvallis, PrimeSport is a great option for purchasing tickets and hotel packages together. On the off-chance Oregon State makes it to the playoffs this year, PrimeSport is the best all-in-one resource for hotel and ticket packages.