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Cheap Short/ Long Term Parking at LaGuardia Airport – Where to book?

by Paul Joseph  |  Updated April 10, 2019

Nestled in the northern part of the New York borough of Queens, about 9 miles northeast of Midtown Manhattan, LaGuardia airport handles about 2.5 million travellers per year. Historically it was never a favourite airport among New Yorkers – or indeed anyone who had reason to use it – but it is currently in the process of being rebuilt for the 21st century, including the opening of a new car parking garage close to the Grand Central Parkway.

Cars driving towards New York’s LaGuardia Airport (Photo: Patrick Nouhailler via Flickr)

While driving to LGA Airport is fairly easy, finding cheap parking deals with quick and convenient access to the airport’s four terminals can be rather more taxing. To help you find the best long term parking rates at LGA for your preferences and needs, we’ve selected three online vendors offering affordable airport parking rates for car parks located both directly at the airport or within easy reach. We hope you find our pick useful.

If you’re happy to park your car on a site away from the terminal and in a parking lot unaffiliated to the airport, Way is an excellent resource for finding great value deals. An aggregator website, it pulls together deals for offsite parking lots across the world, displaying them all in a clear and concise layout once you’ve punched in your dates of travel and other preferences. A number of the deals available on Way include round trip airport shuttles along as well as other benefits such as 24-hour security. You can book via the website or by using the Way app. The main plus point compared with official airport parking is simply the cost, with far cheaper rates available with Way. Additionally, if you book for a week or longer, rather than short term parking, the prices start to come down even further. When we researched long term parking near La Guardia Airport, we found 223 options, starting at $6.50 per day for parking 2 miles from the airport. Another perk is that Way offer full cancellation refunds any time before check-in.

LaGuardia Airport Official Parking

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For maximum convenience, your best bet is to pay for official airport parking, which tends to offer the quickest access to LaGuardia terminals. While this is usually the most expensive option, it still tends to be the most popular, as most travellers like the peace of mind that comes with official parking. Drivers needing long term parking at LaGuardia should head to Economy Parking Lot 3, situated between Terminal B and Terminal C, where there’s a free shuttle service to take you to your terminal. Rates are set at $39 per day, and after the first day pricing goes up in $13 increments for each additional 8 hours that you leave your car in the garage.

Park Sleep Fly

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Many travellers require an airport hotel before or after their flight, but if you combine this with long term parking then you can often end up with a hefty bill. ParkSleepFly promise to ease this burden by offering cheap packages that combine hotel stays with long term economy parking. When we searched for deals for LaGuardia airport in August, we found some impressive deals. The cheapest was an overnight stay at a Best Western Hotel, located 2.4 miles away from the airport, which when bundled with a week’s parking would cost you $128 – more than $50 less than if you booked them separately. The next cheapest deal was $142 for a one-night stay at the Comfort Inn, just over a mile away, plus parking, which would represent a $30 savings. Another bonus is that both of these deals also came with a free airport shuttle and a free cancellation policy too.