5 of the best Patagonia hiking & trekking tours

by Paul Stafford  |  Published September 13, 2019

The tip of southern Argentina and Chile feels like the end of the world, and with good reason. Sparsely populated and in places downright inhospitable, thanks to the desert and Andes Mountains, the Patagonia that is best known is jagged peaks of Torres del Paine and glaciers calving into the sea. But there’s a different side to Patagonia too, a fertile side of grasslands and pampas that stretch out for miles. But as such, the logistics of touring around the region and getting there in the first place can be off-putting, which is why an organised tour is a viable option to take care of those details for you.

Many of the Patagonia trekking tours focus on the mountainous region on the Chilean side of the border to the south. For many, Patagonia is a place to tour on foot, and the majority of tours available support this, with trekking of various skill-levels represented. The best tours, and often the longest, are suited to those with some experience, although we have included a good range on this list that should suit people with varying degrees of hiking and trekking proficiency. Here are five of the best.