Where to Buy Cheap Philadelphia Eagles Tickets

by Scott Dylan  |  Published September 18, 2018

Fans have been cheering on the Philadelphia Eagles since the team’s foundation in 1933 and after the early 1940s the team grew to become a dominant force in American football. In fact, for six consecutive seasons during that decade, they achieved shutout victories in the championship games, including earning a 1947 division title. In more recent years, they have returned to the spotlight in the NFL, including a Super Bowl XXXIX appearance.

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Finding cheap Eagles tickets for Lincoln Financial Field home games can be hard at times, despite the team’s sizable 69,176 capacity stadium. However, we’ve made this process a bit easier by exploring the different options and picking out three of the best for your Seahawks’ game tickets.

Ticketmaster is the official vendor for all NFL team tickets. Since the NFL banned paper tickets, all tickets are now mobile-only. This means that fans don’t have to worry about fraud. Seat location and the relative prestige of the opposition play a major role in how much fans can expect to pay for tickets. The following shows pricing for five upcoming home games, to give fans an idea about the lowest available prices: Eagles-Falcons US$270, Eagles-Colts US$156, Eagles-Vikings US$159, Eagles-Panthers US$124 and Eagles-Cowboys US$129. All of these prices are before Ticketmaster adds on their 20 percent fee that is charged to all ticket purchases. It may also cost more if you choose to add a parking pass to your package to make parking on the day of the game a bit easier. On the plus side, there’s no need to worry about refunds if the game happens to get cancelled.
StubHub is anothersolid choice. To get an idea about how much fans might spend on tickets for home games played at Lincoln Financial Field for the 2018 season, here are some prices for upcoming games: Eagles-Giants US$127, Eagles-Redskins US$108 and Eagles-Texans US$85. When you’re buying tickets from StubHub, it’s important to remember that 30 percent in fees will be added onto the cost of your tickets. This should be budgeted for, as well as any additional services you might want to add, such as a parking pass for the day of the game, so that you’re not stuck trying to find parking. You’re not able to buy insurance for your tickets when you purchase them through StubHub, so this is something to think about if there’s a chance you might not be able to attend the game.


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Fans wanting to see every 2018 Eagles home game at Lincoln Financial Field might consider purchasing season tickets. However, these are not easy to come by, and the prices can be steep, sometimes upwards of US$7,000. Season tickets are also scarce since the average renewal rate is 99.7 percent. However, fans can join the waiting list which currently has over 40,000 people waiting patiently. Those wanting season tickets for 2018 or 2019 can add their name to the list. Those who are lucky enough to score season tickets can take advantage of mobile ticketing. This makes tickets easier to manage and is more secure compared to physical tickets. Other perks include Pro Shop discounts, NFL RedZone access, parking benefits and Fan Ambassador status.