7 of the Best Piedmont Barolo Wines You Can Buy Online

by Allie d'Almo  |  Published February 16, 2022

Beloved for its big, bold flavours, Barolo is often described as the ‘King of Wines’. Over 14 million bottles are produced every year and, thanks to the internet, you don’t have to hop on a flight to the Piedmontese hinterlands to get hold of the best bottles. 

best Barolo wines online

Giovanni Rosso Barolo 2015 (Photo:

Barolo is one of Italy’s greatest fine wines, famed for its complex, powerful aromas. It’s made entirely from the aristocratic Nebbiolo grape, which is rich in tannins and requires an average of 7–10 years to age after harvest to soften and mellow. The region encompasses 11 villages in the heart of Piedmont, fringed by the snow-capped peaks of the alps. Most of the estates are family-owned and very small, so production is low. This, paired with a blockbuster year for winemaking (2016), means demand for wines has soared. We’ve selected the best Piedmont Barolo wines you can buy online for a range of budgets and tastes. 

Giovanni Rosso Barolo 2015

If you’re just getting to grips with the differences between Barolo and Barbaresco, consider this sublime 2015 wine your best introduction. Elegant and highly drinkable, the wine has notes of violet, roses and soft berry fruits, with plenty of plum pizzaz. It’s fresh and crisp, which means it can rise to any occasion– from silver service to an impromptu picnic – too. Giovanni Rosso is located in the heart of the Barolo commune in Serralunga d’Alba. The small, family-owned winery has existed for over a century and focuses almost exclusively on Barolo wines. This wine will age well, so enjoy it at any point from now until 2042. From $45.99. 

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Beni di Batasiolo Barolo 2015

best barolo wine

Beni di Batasiolo Barolo 2015 (Photo:

This full-bodied Barolo is rich and inky-red, with notes of tart cherry and wild berry fruits. It’s a solid, reassuring and well-balanced Barolo with complex and powerful aromas, as all good Barolo wines should be. The Dogliani brothers, who own the winery, make their wines in nine vineyards spread across Bastiolo, Morino, Cerquio and Brunate in La Morra. You’ll be able to drink this through to around 2033. From $49.99

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Bovio Barolo Arborina 2016

This was a blockbuster year for Barolo, described by many winemakers as the ‘vintage of a generation’. Collectors will pay upwards of €600 for a bottle, but for a good wine that won’t break the bank look to boutique winery Bovio Barola. Established in the 1970s, Gianfranco Bovio has quietly dedicated himself to making extraordinary wines in his 6.5-hectare wine estate. This vintage is a rich red ruby, with notes of red berries, dried fruits and a tinge of star anise. Drink through to 2030 and save the bottle for a few years before opening it to let the tannins mellow a little more. From $59.99.

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Damilano Barolo Liste 2015

best barolo wines

Damilano Barolo Liste 2015 (Photo:

This intense, dry and full-bodied Barolo comes from the small, prestigious zone of Liste. Damilano held back 7,400 bottles for an extra year of ageing, and it’s paid off. Velvety and supple in character, it pairs perfectly with refined meals and flavours such as white truffle-based dishes and braised meats. The wine finished with a hint of heat and tobacco too. From $79.99

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Manzone Barolo Riserva Le Gramolare 2013

Barolo Riserva is only created in the best wine years, made from the first selection of the healthiest grapes of the harvest. They must be aged for 62 months or over five years too, so if a winery has gone out of its way to declare it as such, you can bet it will be a good bottle. Gianpaolo Manzone, a sixth-generation winemaker, has created a Barolo Riserva with a spring in its step. Rich and fruity, there are also hints of nutmeg, pepper and lightly-toasted notes. From $104.99. 

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Renato Ratti Rocche dell’Annunziata Barolo 2016

best Barolo wines online

Renato Ratti Rocche dell’Annunziata Barolo 2016 (Photo:

Elegant, glossy and very full-bodied, this is a superstar wine from one of the region’s most highly reputed winemakers. The winery dates back to the 15th century when monks at the nearby Abbey of Annunziata produced wines from the surrounding hillsides. The wine is garnet red in colour, with a complex bouquet that offers up hints of red berries, liquorice, rose and tobacco. Pair this with red meats, grills, games and aged cheeses to pack a real punch. If you can wait, hold off drinking this until at least 2023. From €119.99. 

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Bartolo Mascarello Barolo 2017

It isn’t easy to get hold of wines from Piedmont’s platinum names like Bartolo Mascarello due to tighter allocations, so this Barolo 2017 is a rare find. A light and glossy ruby colour, this refined wine still packs some serious oomph, despite the challenges of an extreme vintage. Bartolo’s daughter, the renowned Maria Teresa Mascarello, is the mind (and hands) behind this bottle. There are notes of wild cherries, lilac and orange peel. This is a collector’s bottle, best enjoyed through to 2033. From $449.97

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