Where to Find Cheap Puerto Rico All Inclusive Vacation Packages

by Paul Joseph  |  Published June 9, 2017

The Caribbean island of Puerto Rico is a favourite destination among holiday makers, owing in large part to its majestic landscape of mountains, waterfalls and tropical rainforest. As for its man-made attractions, the capital of San Juan is home to a bustling strip lined with hotels, beach bars and casinos that make it a truly 24-hour city. Elsewhere visitors can find charming neighbourhoods dotted with colourful Spanish colonial buildings and ancient fortresses.

Anyone on the look-out for an all-inclusive package in Puerto Rico is advised to search for their preferred deal using one of the market leading websites. These websites usually offer the biggest number of options (for flights and resorts) and as market leaders they tend to have the best rates as well. Additionally, they are also known to provide excellent customer service and lenient cancellation policies due to the importance of retaining their reputations among consumers.

We’ve looked deeply into the three most reputable travel booking websites and reviewed them all below. Once you start searching for you preferred dates and locations, it would be a good idea to check your rates across all three websites to ensure finding the best deal for your Puerto Rico adventure.

Clearly written resort descriptions make using CheapCaribbean an both simple and informative. The website also claims to have personally visited at all of the resorts it lists, which adds an extra element of credibility to their descriptions. Other practical features include a regular ‘deal of the week’, which is particularly useful for families as it includes airport transfers to resorts. On the more negative side, our search for all-inclusive packages to Puerto Rico only turned up a limited number of resorts – far fewer than on the websites below.


Our search for all-inclusive deals to Puerto Rico with Expedia found a much larger selection of resorts compared with CheapCaribbean, in particular when it came to luxury options. Additionally, we also discovered that prices for certain resorts were lower with Expedia, so we recommend price-checking any deals you find elsewhere. We also found that the website has been very attentive when it comes to its flight research, with all options laid out clearly and concisely. Less positively, the resort’s descriptions are a little basic compared with competitor websites.

We found that both the resorts listed and their prices tended to be the same as with Expedia. However, the interface is a little archaic and not particularly user-friendly, which diminishes the experience, while another negative is that the site does not offer the choice to book airport transfers to your resort. We would mostly recommend Priceline for those who wish to book a Puerto Rico resort with no flight included, as availability and pricing seem to be the most favourable for these deals.