The best resorts in Sedona

by Alexander Castro  |  Published February 27, 2017

Sedona, Arizona takes it name from Sedona Arabella Schnebly, wife of the city’s first postmaster. Her mother came up with the name and thought it sounded pretty. Well, this desert town certainly lives up to its namesake, nestled among sandstone formations that glow orange and red in the sunlight. Hikers, cyclers and seekers abound here, as do spas, art galleries and New Age wares.

If a vacation to Sedona sounds relaxing, staying at a resort will help ensure your time there is as stressless as possible. We’ve chosen three resorts for you to check out, ranging from relatively inexpensive to more upscale. Regardless of price, all three of these properties have on-site spas or massages, so relaxation won’t be far away!