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Review: Wesley Financial Group

by Davina van Buren  |  Published December 7, 2022

Wesley Financial Group (WFG) is a full-service timeshare cancellation company with offices in Nashville and Las Vegas. They specialize in complete timeshare termination and timeshare debt elimination for people that have experienced fraud, misrepresentation, and/or lies during their timeshare sales presentations.

Timeshare Resort in Mexico (Photo: Kirt Edblom via Flickr/ CC BY-SA 2.0)

WFG was founded by one of the pioneers of the timeshare exit industry. Founder and CEO Chuck McDowell was a timeshare salesman who didn’t like the deceitful tactics he was expected to use to persuade potential customers to buy—so he left the industry to fight for the other side.

His background gives him and his team unique insights into the timeshare industry, since he’s seen the often predatory sales methods that timeshare salespeople use firsthand. McDowell also served as the CEO for a timeshare advocacy group before starting WFG in 2011. Since then, the company has canceled more than 16,000 timeshares and eliminated more than $250,000,000 in timeshare mortgage debt.

Wesley Financial Group engages in a thorough vetting and review process with every potential client before accepting them as a client. Several factors are related to the qualification process—such as the name of the timeshare company and the representations made to the potential client during the sales process and thereafter—and more than 40 percent of potential clients are not approved. For those accepted, WFG is typically able to get timeshare owners relief in an average of 300 days or less—although many online reviews report the process is much shorter.

The company is so confident in its process that it offers a money-back guarantee if WFG cannot get its clients freed from their timeshare agreements within a mutually-agreed upon timeline, generally between 18 and 36 months.

Some timeshare exit companies outsource cases to attorneys or attempt to sell the timeshare themselves and pocket a “service” fee. WFG’s cancellation services, however, are formulated in-house on a case-by-case basis for each individual client.

WFG handles all phases of the cancellation process internally as opposed to any outsourcing. This formula has proven successful as is evidenced by the company’s platinum business score rating from Dun & Bradstreet as well as thousands of positive client testimonials, which can be found on the company’s website and Google Reviews. Clients are assigned to a personal representative who handles their timeshare cancellation, serving as a primary point of contact for a seamless and productive experience. All representatives are based in the United States.

WFG employs a simple, yet comprehensive four-step process to help relieve clients of their timeshare obligations. Step one is a free consultation, where potential clients fill out paperwork and speak with a representative who learns more about the case and initiates the qualification process. WFG only works with clients whose issues they know for sure they can resolve. If they don’t think they can help, they simply won’t take the case.

Step two is an account review process, where an assigned qualification specialist creates a file and assists in having accounts approved for guaranteed cancellation. During step three, account resolution, WFG’s Resolution Department works to have your timeshare permanently terminated. Clients are assigned a cancellation expert who works to terminate the timeshare contract in question—for good.

Upon completion of step four, successful termination, clients are officially timeshare free and receive confirmation that their timeshare has been successfully terminated.

WFG has an average rating of 4.5 on Google reviews, and clients seem to be highly satisfied with the company’s services. Reviewers report that WFG is highly skilled and knowledgeable about the timeshare industry and made them feel informed and involved through the entire process. Cancellation experts clearly explained next steps, and remained in frequent contact.

Many reviewers comment on the company’s high measure of integrity, saying the company was honest about whether or not they could even take on the case. Thanks to WFG’s initial qualification process, they are typically able to clearly tell if they will be able to help a potential client or if the case is outside their normal scope. Simply knowing this information up front before embarking on a long cancellation process saves many people time, money, and energy. But for those who do work with WFG, clients seem very pleased with their services and generally experienced positive outcomes that resulted in canceling of their timeshares.

Wesley Financial Group is prominently featured on the website Timeshare Exit Companies (TEC), a site that helps consumers find the best timeshare exit company to work with based on the type of timeshare they own. Here, potential clients can see the best timeshare exit companies and compare them with each other to see which is most suitable for them. The site includes general background, contact information, and reviews for every company featured.