San Antonio Airport Car Rental: The Best Companies

by Stephanie Baker  |  Published March 5, 2017

Just finished booking a flight into San Antonio International Airport (SAT)? Time to evaluate your rental car options! TravelMag.com has researched all nine San Antonio Airport car rental service options and found the top agency choice for three separate categories: best value, best for families or groups, and top luxury car selection.

The Riverwalk, San Antonio, TX (Photo via Flickr)

SAT airport does have rental agency counters in Terminal A, but all lots are located outside of (but nearby) the airport. All nine car suppliers offer shuttles between the airport and the rental lots. Take note that the designated shuttle pick-up location is situated outside of the baggage claim area.

Our car rental company review results

To decide which car rental services deserve the top spot across our three separate categories, TravelMag.com evaluated the fleet availability, policies, value and reviews of each SAT car rental agency. Keep reading to learn which company is right for you.

Best value: Advantage

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Despite searching many dates and rental lengths, Advantage held the lowest rates each time. This does not mean their San Antonio Airport car rental availability and quality suffers however, offering several solid options in vehicle classes that range from Economy to Vans. Renters are able to select the Hyundai Sonata as a standard class vehicle, further adding to their value by offering vehicles with phenomenal fuel economy. The drawback is their fleet availability ends with vans, offering no premium, luxury or sport options. But since value-seekers typically are not looking to rent a Lincoln, we consider Advantage to offer the best value to travelers at SAT.

Best for families and groups: Enterprise

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As soon as we saw a trend in Enterprise’s roomy rental vehicle selection, we knew they would end up being the best SAT airport rental car company choice for families and groups. Even their compact car choice, the Nissan Versa, seems more comfortable and spacious than other rental vehicles in its class offered by competitors (think the Ford Fiesta). Enterprise even offers a 15-seat Ford Transit Wagon as one of its van options. A four person family would find their intermediate SUV option—the Toyota RAV4—to be affordable with plenty of room for passengers and luggage. Ample interior space really makes a difference on long trips through the expansive state of Texas.

Top luxury car selection: Hertz

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Our research placed Hertz at the top of the San Antonio Airport car rental list of companies with the best luxury car selection. They truly have a premium, sport or luxury option for any traveler. Families can enjoy a comfortable but stylish ride in a 7-passenger Nissan Quest, while muscle car fans will be happy to see the Chevy Camaro SS Convertible as a high-performance option. Hertz is also known for their quick and friendly customer service, receiving high ratings for ease of pick-ups and drop-offs as well as counter staff service experience. We did find their rates to be steep for some searches, but the appealing vehicle options are worth the price.