Where to find San Diego Safari Park tickets

by Paul Joseph  |  Published September 8, 2018

Wild animal enthusiasts will be in their element at San Diego Safari Park, a 1,800-acre wildlife sanctuary with over 300 species of African and Asian animals including rhinos, giraffes, antelope, zebras, tigers and plenty more. The park offers a choice of guided safari expeditions and beautiful walking trails that invite visitors to get up close and personal with the rich assortment of exotic animals who reside here.

A family of Wildebeest finding a little shade at San Diego Safari Park (Photo: Ernie Tyler via Flickr)

There are a huge number of online vendors selling tickets to the famous zoo safari park in San Diego, many of which offer special deals and discounts, as well as optional add-ons such as combined hotel stays and fast-track queuing as part of the ticket prices. To help you navigate the options, we’ve picked out three of the best.

Reserve San Diego

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Reserve San Diego allows you to order tickets for San Diego attractions at the same time as booking a stay in one of the city’s wide choice of hotels. The benefit of combining the two is that you can make big savings compared with booking them separately. Indeed, when we searched for packages of this kind for San Diego Safari Park, we found deals that offered a saving of up to $31 – that’s money you can put to better use for other parts of your trip. Following your booking, you’ll have the option of either receiving e-tickets to print off at your leisure, or have them sent by post instead. Another benefit of booking with Reserve San Diego is that they guarantee a 100% refund if you wish to cancel up to a week ahead of your trip.
GetYourGuide are a hugely popular tour and excursion website that offers a vast inventory of travel experiences around the world. For visits to San Diego Safari Park, we found a 1-day pass priced at $55, including access to the park’s Africa Tram Safari, the Cheetah Run, and all shows. Tickets come in the form of GetYourGuide vouchers and can be printed or stored on your mobile, allowing you to bypass the ticketing window and go directly to the entrance point. You can also cancel up to 24 hours in advance of your visit and get a full refund.

Go San Diego

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Perfect for anyone planning to visit more than one park during their stay, Go San Diego Cards represent superb value compared with booking tickets on the gate. With these cards, you pay a one-off price that affords you access to almost every attraction in San Diego, including San Diego Safari Park, with cards valid for anything from 1 to 7 days. While the precise saving you’ll make will depend on what kind of card you choose, it’s claimed that the average saving comes in at a hugely impressive 25%. For maximum convenience, your card can be saved electronically on your phone so you don’t have to carry around a hard copy version, although these e-cards are only available if you purchase online. Another plus point is that at certain attractions the cards entitle you to ‘skip the line’ privileges.