New Mexico

5 of the Best Santa Fe Food & Wine Tours

by Paul Stafford  |  Published January 21, 2021

Santa Fe is a special city. The New Mexico capital is perhaps best known for its world-class art and unique architecture. Foodies come here though for another creation: the unique New Mexico cuisine. Santa Fe has managed to retain much of its historic charm, with Pueblo Native American architecture and Hispanic influences particularly strong throughout the city. These two cultures are poured into the cuisine as well, then wrapped up in a distinctly US package.

There are dozens of excellent food tastings, tours and winery trips available to Santa Fe’s visitors. Some of the best combine aspects of the city’s unique culture and history with food tastings, while others head straight for the restaurants and stay there. Here are five of the best tours in Sant Fe for food lovers, taking price, tour duration and quality of the food into account.