7 Scary London Attractions & Experiences

by Allie d'Almo  |  Published June 18, 2023

Looking for scary things to do in London? The capital city is crammed full of spooky sights and spine-tingling attractions – you just need to know where to look. 

Scary London Attractions & Experiences

2-hour Haunted Pub Walking Tour (Photo: GetYourGuide.co.uk)

In a city as old as London, it’s impossible to avoid its darker side. The capital is packed full of reminders of its most notorious villains, gruesome crimes and chilling sights, from haunted houses to spooky pubs. Add to this a whole array of jump-out-of-your-skin attractions, and it isn’t hard to find scary things to do in London. But some really ramp up the fear factor. With so many tours, sights and attractions to choose from, we’ve rounded up seven of the best scary London attractions and experiences based on customer reviews, itineraries and value for money. 

2-hour Haunted Pub Walking Tour 

London’s pubs tend to be cheery places on the whole, but there are a few notable exceptions – and this two-hour walking tour ticks off some of the spookiest of them. The nighttime tour begins outside Temple Tube Station and winds through alleyways and backstreets, stopping at pubs where spirits are still said to roam. As you wander, your local guide will share hair-raising stories about notorious hauntings and hangings gone wrong, as well as some of London’s most notorious grave robbers and criminals. Fear not though, there’s plenty of opportunity to calm your nerves with a stiff drink along the way. From £14 per person. 

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Jack the Ripper Walking Tour with Ripper-Vision 

Jack the Ripper Walking Tour with Ripper-Vision (Photo: GetYourGuide.co.uk

Jack the Ripper was London’s most notorious villain. He may have lived more than a century ago, but this 105-minute tour invites tourists to follow in his footsteps back to darkest London with an innovative hand-held projector, known as ‘Ripper Vision’. As you tiptoe across the city, you’ll hear facts and conspiracies surrounding the identity of Jack the Ripper, investigate his gruesome crimes and try to discover who he was using modern methods of criminal profiling. This tour isn’t suitable for pregnant women, so you can expect a few scares and screams along the way. From £18 per person. 

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Ghastly Ghosts 2-Hour Walking Tour 

London is an old city, with more than its fair share of ghosts, ghouls and spectres. This two-hour walking tour offers an introduction to some of the scariest, along with tales of terrible crimes, unsolved murders and midnight monsters. The two-hour after-dark tour begins at All Hallows by the Tower, one of the oldest churches in London, and then winds across the city to St Paul’s Cathedral. Tours sizes are limited for a more personalized experience and to ensure no one gets left behind… From £20 per person. 

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London Bridge Experience and Tombs Entrance

London Bridge Experience and Tombs Entrance (Photo: GetYourGuide.co.uk)

Billed as one of the most scary things to do in London, The London Bridge Experience takes place within the lower haunted vaults of London Bridge and brings to life the dark history of London first-hand with interactive character lead adventures. Afterwards, you’ll move onto the London Tombs, an immersive scare maze home to a variety of characters and creatures, from butchers and spiders to clowns and zombies. Tour prices include admission to both attractions.From £22.50

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Entry Ticket to London Dungeon 

London Dungeon gives visitors the chance to travel through more than 1,000 years of truly horrible history, accompanied by live actors, spine-tingling rides and alarmingly realistic models. Tickets include access to 19 interactive shows, two underground rides and 360-degree sets, such as Sweeney Todd’s infamous barber shop. You can upgrade your experience to include a themed cocktail in the tavern too. Expect a few laughs and plenty of screams. From £29.50 per person. 

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SAW Escape Experience 

SAW Escape Experience (Photo: GetYourGuide.co.uk)

For something a little different, try this nightmarish SAW Escape Experience. The adrenaline-fuelled theatrical experience brings to life some of the franchise’s most terrifying traps and challenges, pushing players to their limits. Participants will need to outwit John Kramer to escape the horrors of the main room by solving puzzles and challenges. Those who make it out on time can enjoy a cocktail at The Traproom, a themed bar inspires by the Jigsaw workshop. From £39 per person. 

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Walking Tour, Clink Prison & Jack the Ripper Museum 

For those who have the stamina, this experience offers a full day of horror, with stops at some of the city’s spookiest sights and attractions. The day kicks off with a two-hour trip to the Jack the Ripper Museum, situated in a historic Victorian house in the heart of Whitechapel. Then, it’s onwards to the Clink Prison Museum, one of England’s oldest and most notorious prisons. Unsurprisingly, it offers a thoroughly hands-on experience, complete with sights, sounds and smells of prison. The day finishes up with a three-hour walking tour around Westminster, home to some of the capital’s oldest buildings. From £59.92

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