The Best Language Schools to Learn Spanish in Malaga

by Rachel Naismith  |  Published August 31, 2023

Explore the excellence of language learning with Malaga’s top-rated Spanish Language Schools. Immerse yourself in expert instruction while enjoying the city’s captivating surroundings and vibrant culture.

Malaga (Photo by Jonas Denil via Pexels)

A sojourn to Malaga — Andalucia’s most dynamic city — whether for leisure, education, or business, promises a truly enriching experience. And what better way to fully immerse yourself in Spanish culture than by mastering its language? Nestled within Malaga’s charming streets are numerous language schools, each offering a unique pathway to mastering Spanish. From intensive courses to cultural tasters, we’ve scoured the options and curated a selection of the finest institutions. Our choices reflect not only the diverse courses offered, but also affordability and commendations from fellow learners. Prepare to discover the magnificence of Malaga through the threads of its language!

Centro Internacional de Español de la Universidad de Málaga

Malaga University (Photo by Travel4Brews via Flickr / CC By 2.0)

With courses meticulously tailored for ages 16 and above, from intense week-long sessions to immersive year-long experiences, Malaga University offers a diverse range of options. At the El Palo campus, where Spanish lessons are taught, two inviting courtyards, a spacious dining area, and 16 classrooms (including seven with AV equipment) create an ideal learning environment. The Teatinos campus, a short 15-minute bus ride from the city centre, has further facilities, including a university library, an expansive sports complex, and over a hundred computers. Yet, what sets Malaga University apart is its dedication to holistic enrichment. Beyond the conventional classroom, students can partake in an engaging program of cultural activities — from gallery visits to immersive Spanish film screenings. While tuition fees may lean towards the higher end, this reflects the university’s commitment to providing students with a broader experience, immersing them in both the Spanish language and the vibrant spirit of Andalucia.

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Cervantes Escuela Internacional

Situated in Pedregalejo, Malaga’s captivating eastern enclave, Cervantes Escuela Internacional shines as a jewel in the city’s most charming locale. With stunning beaches, a scenic maritime boulevard, verdant landscapes, and a plethora of dining options, the location offers students a wonderful coastal respite just 10 minutes from the city centre. Accredited by the national Instituto Cervantes, Cervantes E.I. embraces excellence in Spanish language teaching. Equipped with swish IT classrooms, personalised computers, and interactive whiteboards, the school offers cutting-edge learning. Teachers are encouraged to develop their skills by engaging with the very latest technology as a tool for learning and all the courses on offer are fully immersive and interactive for students. It is a given that language learning is intertwined with culture, and a playful pedagogy thrives, creating a dynamic learning environment. The school offers customised lessons, group sessions, and specialised programs including DELE and SIELE preparation, legal Spanish, junior, and senior courses. Accommodation options, endorsed by the school, often involve staying with host families. The team of teachers, selected for their expertise and enthusiasm, foster an engaging classroom atmosphere, empowering students to embrace Spanish from day one.

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Paella in the mountains (Photo by @escuela_debla)

With a heritage spanning over four decades, Debla Language School has honed the art of language education. Its bespoke teaching materials meet the exacting standards of the Instituto Cervantes, ensuring exceptional quality. The school offers various study options, including semi-intensive, intensive, and super-intensive courses, as well as specialised programs catering to teenagers and those above fifty. Debla seamlessly intertwines language acquisition with captivating cultural experiences, be it the rhythmic allure of flamenco dancing or the culinary delights of Spanish cooking lessons. Located in the serene embrace of the Andalusian mountains, a short 10-minute journey from the city centre, the school also boasts breathtaking Mediterranean vistas. Its contemporary facilities, featuring well-lit computerised classrooms, all with AC and located between sunny green spaces, embody Debla’s dedication to ideal learning environments. Modern and comfortable accommodations are just a 15-minute stroll from the school. For a truly immersive insight into local life, students can opt to stay with a Spanish host family.

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