A Comparison of Tarangire Safari Lodges

by Oliver Stallwood  |  Published November 20, 2023

Tarangire National Park is one of the lesser-known parks in Tanzania but it boasts the highest density of wildlife per square kilometer of any park in the country. Here’s a comparison of Tarangire safari lodges:

Tarangire Kuro Treetrops Lodge (Photo: wellworthcollection.co.tz)

Imagine a park in Africa where herds of elephants fill the landscape, giraffes and wildebeest gather around watering holes and leopards and cheetahs wander free among ancient baobabs and sunbaked termite mounds. Then imagine a place where not a lot of people know about. The 2,850-square-kilometer Tarangire National Park is not as popular as Tanzania’s most well-known destination The Serengeti National Park, but this is no bad thing. Even though Tarangire has a world-class diversity of wildlife and birding, it feels less touristy and can be better value than other more popular parks. Accommodation options are up there with the best too, showing you don’t need to compromise if you think outside the box with your next safari. Here is a comparison of the best Tarangire Safari Lodges:

Tarangire Kuro Treetrops Lodge

The first thing to note about this unique lodge is its location. Nestled deep in the heart of the national park, it is located at the crest of Kopje Hill, with the Tarangire River and Silale Valley stretching out in front of it. To the west is the Silale Swamp, which is a magnet for wildlife throughout the year looking for water. The accommodation itself consists of 25 luxury tents perched along the Baobab tree line. They have all the luxury trimmings you could hope for, with quality sheets, en-suite bathroom, an indoor and outdoor shower and a private veranda with the perfect vantage point. The style is best described as Victorian hunting party – you half expect a man with a pith helmet and blunderbuss to come running out the bushes – and it might be a bit too characterful for some. 

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Trangire Safari Lodge

This family-owned and managed lodge also has panoramic views and an excellent location in the park. Rather than going for opulence, Trangire Safari Lodge wants you to feel like the pensive naturalist, with typical safari tents featuring thatched roofs and large, mesh-screened windows – nothing gets in the way of the sights and sounds of nature. The verandas are comfortable and clean, but you still feel connected to the surroundings and should have your binoculars nearby at all times. Underneath this rugged facade is all the luxuries you’ll need,  with en-suite bathrooms with solar-heated showers, local textiles and solid furniture, and all the storage space necessary for your safari gear. 

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Tarangire Simba Lodge

Tarangire Simba Lodge (Photo: simbaportfolio.com)

This mid-range lodge is located in a wildlife-rich area with unhampered views to beautiful Lake Burunge, near the new Sangaiwe Gate of Tarangire National Park. Only finished in 2015, it is both modern and surprisingly at ease with its surroundings, the sixteen classic canvas tents under thatch blending in serenely with their surroundings. It’s all done with excellent taste too, the decor minimalistic but with enough character (and a dash of Indian Jones era charm) to make them feel special. Passing wildlife includes lions, zebras, porcupines, monkeys, warthogs, mongoose, elephants, buffalos and giraffes – so there is plenty to see, even straight from the veranda. If you are looking for over-the-top luxury, maybe look elsewhere – a lot of the power comes from solar and there isn’t 24-hour electricity – but for others this will just add to the safari experience.

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