The Best Pubs in Mayfair

by Chris Lockie  |  Published August 20, 2014

Mayfair, in the heart of central London, is renowned as a wealthy and well-heeled part of the city. It is epitomised by the classic London version of the board game Monopoly, which has Mayfair as its most expensive property, though you’ll do well to get much for £400 there these days.

Unlike many areas of London, the boundaries of Mayfair are recognised by all: Oxford Street to the north, Piccadilly to the south, Regent Street to the east and Park Lane to the West, each a famous and exclusive London street in its own right. Thankfully among the high-class restaurants and boutiques in the area is a selection of splendid English pubs, ensuring that Mayfair remains as classically ‘London’ as anywhere.