The best tours & excursions from Hurghada

by Paul Stafford  |  Published November 28, 2019

The popular beach resort town of Hurghada, lining the Red Sea coast of Egypt, is an excellent place to relax. However, every now and then, curiosity and the desire to have achieved something more than getting that suntan can be enough of an enticement to seek out a good guided tour. There are many excursions from Hurghada, taking in historic and cultural sights further afield in Egypt, such as the Valley of Kings, as well as excursions that bring you closer to the region’s unique natural and cultural bounty.

Taking a tour is the best way to ensure the benefit of local knowledge and expertise, as well as having all the transportation and organisational duties taken care of. There is a huge range of tours and excursions available from Hurghada, and it can be quite time consuming to sift through all of them to find the best. So that is what we have done for you here at TravelMag, presenting the best five based on a variety of factors including itinerary, value for money and the previous reviews of other customers.