Editor’s Choice: Escorted Tours of Australia and New Zealand

by Paul Stafford  |  Published May 17, 2019

It’s vast and most of it is free from human influence, yet it has modern cities and great beaches too. Given the time it takes to reach from most countries, Australia is becoming an increasingly favoured destination for travellers taking lengthy breaks. And while there is much to do and see in the country, New Zealand offers a completely different kind of natural diversity, which was brought to the attention of many people through the Lord of the Rings films, but which spans back millennia.

While it can be fun to rent a car and just go, fully escorted tours are another popular option, either to explore one country, or both New Zealand and Australia’s highlights in a combined trip. With so much to do and see there is understandably a wide variety of tours available, which also span different requirements in terms of comfort and focus. As such we have filtered through them to bring you the best five tours of Australia and New Zealand in terms of price, duration, itinerary and, where available, the reviews of past travellers.