The Best Travel Insurance for Visits to the USA

by Chris Newens  |  Published July 5, 2022

America: land of the free, of boundless road trips and bottomless coffee, of the backwoods and the big city, of jazz, rap, and rock n’ roll, of mom & pop diners and McDonald’s, and of the most expensive healthcare system anywhere on Earth, making travel insurance an absolute necessity for any planned trip to American shores.

Get covered and hit the American road (photo: Randy Heinitz via Flickr / CC BY 2.0)

A whole raft of companies exist to provide cover for even the most drastic of U.S. mishaps, the only trouble is knowing which best suits your travel and budgetary needs. We’ve collected five of the best in different fields, so whether you’re planning to abseil into the Grand Canyon or kick back in a Floridian over-50s beach community you can do so with maximum peace of mind.

SafetyWing (best for digital nomads)

With more and more people working remotely, national borders are no longer what they were in terms of defining office space. SafetyWing was established with the new breed of these rootless, always in motion digital nomads in mind. It sells insurance packages as a monthly subscription, which can be taken even out when you’re not in your home country – vital for those wanderers whose home in real terms has become little more than a desk and a screen. There’s also an easy-to-use offer for businesses to insure entire teams working remotely and in multiple territories. Founded in 2017, it’s a new company characterised by a fresh dynamism and is still rolling out new packages aimed at accommodating the evolving minutiae of digital nomad needs.

SevenCorners (best for students)

You’ve decided to study in the U.S.A., which means as well as dreaming of sororities, fraternities, and chucking the ol’ pigskin round the quad, you’re also probably looking at the eyewatering price of U.S. higher education. SevenCorners offers a chance to cut your budget at least a little, providing one of the best student packages around. In the industry for more than 20 years, they’ve an experienced, highly accommodating team happy to patiently walk you through the ins-and-outs of buying and claiming insurance, which may be needed if this is your first time round the block.

World Trips (best for seniors)

Making enjoying your retirement even easier and stress free, World Trips’ Atlas Insurance is perfect for over-60s, including coverage for the acute onset of pre-existing conditions for people up to the age of 79. So there’s one fewer concern whether you’ve plans to take an RV to the highways or just lounge out in the California sun. In these slightly more precarious times for global travellers it’s reassuring to know that World Trips also covers Covid hospitalisation bills in the unlikely event that you catch a bad dose of the virus Stateside as well.

World Nomads (best for adventurers)

A firm that has really orientated itself around the joy of travel, World Nomads take an enthusiastic approach to even the more adrenaline-fuelled trip ideas. So if your dream of America involves kayaking the Colorado River or hiking the Appalachian Trail then it’s the company to opt for. With a full list of activities from rock climbing to bungee jumping clearly listed on their website to easily add to any package you end up choosing, World Nomads are committed to providing even your wildest adventure plans with a financial safety net. Saddle up, cowboys!

Travelex (best basic cover)

This nearly fifty year-old company, which started out as a foreign exchange firm but has been offering insurance now for a quarter a century  has terrific brand identity and regularly charts among the top travel insurance firms in the business overall. If what you’re looking for is just a straightforward package and the peace of mind that comes from dealing with an industry stalwart then look no further. America awaits!