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Like a Local: Seven Unmissable Shops in Georgetown

by Margaret Sessa-Hawkins  |  Published June 7, 2016

With cobblestone streets, row houses, and architecture from the 1800s, in many ways Georgetown can seem like a neighborhood straight out of Europe, rather than one nestled in the heart of Washington DC. But what really draws people to this charming neighborhood is the shopping. Here are seven Georgetown stores you won’t want to miss.

Rack n' roll in Georgetown

Rack n’ roll in Georgetown

Hu’s Wear/Hu’s Shoes

Fendi. Ferragamo. Saint Laurent. Jimmy Choo. 3.1 Phillip Lim. These household names in fashion (as well as a few others probably not as familiar to you yet) can all be found at Hu’s Wear and Hu’s Shoes. Two of the premier boutiques in Georgetown, the stores are both owned by Marlene Hu Aldaba, who handpicks the international designs she carries. Both Hu’s Wear and Hu’s Shoes mix traditional DC tastes (sophisticated formal wear in classic styles) with edgier designs akin to those found in outlets in New York. It’s been a winning combination, as both stores have managed to attract a large and loyal following in the D.C. populace. Take one look inside either, and you’ll see why.

Hu’s Shoes: 3005 M Street, NW

Hu’s Wear: 2906 M Street, NW

Everard’s Clothing

It’s the 21st century, gone is the era where high fashion is just for women. Everard’s is a perfect example of this trend. Although they have women’s clothing, the store prides itself on its men’s line. With tailoring services, upscale brand-name suits, and fun collared shirts, Everard’s has everything the modern metrosexual could desire. Those who are more fashion-clueless will be pleased to know that the store offers impeccable in-house style advice as well.

1802 Wisconsin Ave, NW

Niccolo Giotto

Italians do it better at Niccolo/Giotto (Photo: Niccolo/Giotto)


With top-of-the-line fashions for both him and her, Niccolo/Giotto is the consummate boutique. The bottom floor, Niccolo, is full of gorgeous suits personally purchased in Italy by owner Nicky Sedooteh. The upper floor, Giotto, features fun but sophisticated designer lines for women. Although the store (like most high-end Georgetown boutiques) naturally attracts customers who can easily afford the high price point, there’s no snobbery, and the staff are happy to chat with you about your needs and try to find outfits that fit both your budget and your style.

2928 M St., NW

Dawn Price Baby

For the toddler in your life dying for his own tweed jacket (with elbow patches!) look no further than Dawn Price Baby. Adorable sailor outfits, tiny rain boots, as well as fun accessories for the nursery make this store a delight to browse. The back half is filled with toys, books, and blankets, but considering that the front of the store is filled with adorable hats, adorable onesies, classy but tiny dresses, frilly swimsuits, petite pleated pants, and the most diverse selection of socks any baby has ever seen, it’s not entirely clear anyone ever actually makes it past the clothes.

3112 M Street, NW

Appalachian Spring

Fine craftsmanship at Appalachian Spring (Photo: Appalachian Spring)

Appalachian Spring

Looking for a hand-crafted paperweight with glass cherry blossoms floating around inside it? Seeking the perfect pair of carved wooden bookends? Desperately trying to find a one-of-a-kind leather bag? Look no further. Appalachian Spring, which sources items from hundreds of craftsmen and women all across the United States, has got you covered. From a wide selection of ceramics, to incredibly intricate glass pieces, to hand-carved wooden jewelry boxes, to gorgeous purses, jackets and scarves, Appalachian Spring’s collection is astounding in both its breadth and quality. Even if you’re not really in the market for purchasing, browsing through the incredible selection offers a fun and gorgeous peek into 21st century American crafts.

1415 Wisconsin Ave., NW

Ella Rue

If you’re tired of walking through boutiques where you can’t even buy a sleeve (much less a whole dress) Ella Rue is where you want to be. This consignment shop accepts very gently used designer items from fashion lines such as Alexander McQueen, Isabel Marant, Balenziaga and Tom Ford. With stunning dresses, great shirts, and a selection of shoes even Carrie from ‘Sex and the City’ would have swooned over, you’d be easily forgiven for thinking you had actually walked into a high-end outlet when you visit Ella Rue. This impression would disappear though, the minute you looked at the price tags. Manolo Blahniks for under $150? They’re sitting center of the rack at this charming store.

3231 P St., NW

Baked and Wired

Forget cupcakes. The new hottest baked good in town is a ‘cakecup’, from Baked and Wired. What’s a cakecup? Wrapped in wax paper and topped with the perfect amount of frosting, these baked goods are bigger than traditional cupcakes, but still small enough for one person (or two if you’re feeling really generous) to eat. With rich flavors like ‘Chocolate Cupcake of Doom’ (all chocolate), ‘Dirty Chai’ (Chai-spiced vanilla cake with espresso buttercream frosting) ‘Texas Sheetcake’ (Chocolate cake with chocolate-pecan frosting), all made from scratch each day, it’s no wonder business at this cozy cafe is always booming.

1052 Thomas Jefferson St., NW