Where to book your South Africa Safari

by Rebeca G. Rodríguez  |  Published December 20, 2013

Are you looking to make some changes in your holiday scheme for the coming New Year? If so, you should seriously think about going on a Safari – it promises to be one of the most exciting holidays ever. Especially for those who have always dreamt about witnessing wildlife with their own eyes. That is, if you were moved by The Lion King when you were younger, it’s time to see the animals first-hand.

South Africa Safari. Photo Credit slack12.

South Africa Safari. Photo Credit slack12.

South Africa is well known for its Safaris; in fact, they are one of the country’s primary sources of tourism. Why? Because they are truly worth the money. Many visitors come back saying that going on a Safari is a life-changing experience. To make things even better, the country is working hard at being more cautious about environmental conservation and protecting the animals. Everything is speaking in favor.

But before you jump on a plane, know that a Safari experience is something you must prepare ahead of time. Comparing operator packages, and making sure that you book the Safari that is most suited to your needs and budget, is key. We’ve made the job easier by comparing three of the best tour operators. Here come the details:

1. African Sky

Count on this tour operator if you are looking for a truly unique experience. After 14 years of offering tours and Safaris in South Africa, the company provides individualized service and take the care to provide a personalized plan that will fit your particular interests. They are well-known for their strict selection of tour guides, which comes through in all their positive client testimonials. If you are looking for a comprehensive and professional tour of all the National Parks, this is the way to go. Plus, they are based in Pretoria, meaning that you will not only be supporting a national company but also that you will be in the hands of those who really know their own country.

2. Mahlatini

If you are looking for an exclusive or luxurious Safari, this is the operator for you. Those going on a honeymoon and want to see animals while doing so, have also reached the right provider here. Mahlatini puts together exclusive trips, in which all your desires are met in an exquisite manner. Focusing mainly on high-profile travellers, this company organizes trips where the service goes full-circle. You will sleep at the best of the best hotels in the country and savor the best gastronomy without having to worry about any of the details; they take care of all of them and ensure your safety as well.

They have now created a new and amazing tour by train called the “Luxury Rail”. Using old-steam-types trains, passengers can experience,- and feel like,- old-time travellers, while gazing at the beautiful landscape beauties from theirs comfortable seats. The train includes luxury suites, gourmet cuisine and even a Jewellery Boutique inside, where you can  buy precious gems and other art objects.

3. Gadventures

Does nothing so far sound attractive to you? Then look no further. If you want to truly feel like what it is like to live in the wild, Gadventures has the solution for you. This operator focuses on independent and adventurous travellers. The prices are very competitive and the company moreover cares about providing you with a unique experience, closer to the wildlife and the culture that you might have seen in National Geographic. Whether it’s a 40-day tour from Cape Town to Nairobi, or an 8-day tour of South Africa’s Kruger National Park, Gadventures’  idea is to bring an alternative to resorts and cruise tours and create real “life-changing” experiences. The time to book is now.