Cheap White Sox Tickets – Where to buy?

by Holly Riddle  |  Published June 30, 2019

While the White Sox have to compete with Chicago’s other baseball team, the Cubs, for popularity, that doesn’t mean the team doesn’t have a loyal fanbase. If you consider yourself among the White Sox fan family, and you’re looking to buy the cheapest White Sox baseball tickets, then you’ll want to keep reading. We’ve put together a comprehensive list of the best places to buy 2019 White Sox game tickets, along with information on what kind of fees and purchasing experiences to expect.

Photo: Geoff Livingston via Flickr/CC BY-SA 2.0

Stubhub is the official MLB fan-to-fan ticket marketplace, and one of the only places that you can purchase secondary MLB tickets with the assurance that your tickets are legitimate (something you can’t say of other sites such as Craigslist). Search through games, both home and away, while getting a glimpse at the starting ticket prices, so you can easily pick the games you’re interested in. You’ll quickly see, if you’ve done any shopping around for White Sox tickets, that Stubhub offers a great variety and pretty reasonable tickets prices in comparison to other platforms.

For an example of what you can expect when purchasing White Sox tickets from Stubhub, let’s take a look at an upcoming game. If you want to attend a home game between the Detroit Tigers and the Chicago White Sox, you’ll find tickets start at just $6 for a July 2, Tuesday, evening game. Prices range from the starting $6 to upwards of $250, depending on where you’d like to sit. The way Stubhub’s search function works is, you look at a map of the baseball field and click on seating sections, which then brings up the available tickets and prices. In this case, if we want to sit in the lower box, just shy of third base, we would pay $27.43. On the order page, you get a photo of the view from that seat and, if there’s a better seat available for a comparable price, you’ll get a notification of that, too. Moving through the buying process, you’ll see the service fee (24 percent) and a $2 fulfillment fees. These bring the total cost of the ticket up to $36.29. Purchase protection is available and tickets are delivered via the StubHub mobile app.


Book with TicketMaster

If you want to purchase primary Chicago White Sox tickets, however, whether you’re seeking regular game tickets or playoffs tickets, rather than secondary tickets, you can do so through the official ticket provider for the White Sox: TicketMaster. You can search through your options on the TicketMaster site, though the search function here is a bit lackluster; you can’t automatically see starting ticket prices for games, and you have to do a fair bit of clicking around to gauge which games are the best deals.

Let’s look at the same White Sox vs. Tigers game. On TicketMaster, overall prices start at $7 and there are a ton of tickets available, with the most expensive hovering around $300, for seats just behind home plate. Looking at the same seat chosen above, we can see that it’s $42. At check out, you’re given the option to add on a charitable donation of $1-$5, as well as the choice to add on things like parking ($20) and admission to a buffet ($42). If you skip all of these, you will find that the fees of 15 percent and the order processing fee of $3.60, plus the Chicago and Cook County Service Fee Tax of $0.60, make this ticket a grand total of $56.24, or $20 more than the same ticket on Stubhub.

For White Sox season tickets and White Sox group tickets for groups of 20 or more people, you must make your purchase directly with the White Sox’s internal ticket office. Season tickets are available in full season plans, 40 game plans, 20 game plans and 10 game plans. You also have the option to buy parking for a full season. Full season tickets start at around $400, and go up to $2,250.

To purchase White Sox group tickets for groups of 20 or more, all you have to do is go online to the White Sox’s official site, choose the game date you prefer and the seating level you like, and then contact the ticket office, at which point you’ll be asked to make a 30 percent deposit on your tickets.