New York City Skyline Sunset (Photo: Mike Lee via Flickr)

Sometimes called The Cradle of Liberty, Boston was founded by Puritans—but is in no way puritanical anymore—as one of the most forward-thinking cities from its politics to its educational institutions, where everyone can have a good time from families to history buffs to bar hoppers! Cafe 939, Wally’s Cafe, the Lizard Lounge and the Lily Pad are the hippest places to check out jazz, rock, poetry, tap dance, avant guard, folk and even chamber music. Put on your walking shoes and follow Freedom Trail, shop in the historically landmarked Faneuil Hall Marketplace, have a dinner and a brew in the harbor, see the Boston Symphony Orchestra, and go whale watching. Discover why Boston has been a travel destination for over four hundred years, with its its immense history infused with contemporary culture and a creative, intellectual vibe.