Like a Local: 7 Amazing Art Galleries in Minneapolis

by Bridgette Redman  |  Published October 26, 2023

A diverse tapestry of art galleries await exploration in Minneapolis, each offering a unique perspective on expression and creativity.

Art on display at the Dow Gallery (Photo courtesy of Dow Gallery and Picture Framing)

A constellation of independent art galleries makes discovering the artistic heartbeat of Minneapolis an enriching journey. These havens for creativity range from non-profit establishments to privately owned galleries. Some dynamic spaces showcase underrepresented artists while others are steeped in history, finding their home within storied architectural gems. These galleries collectively offer a mosaic of experiences that beckon art enthusiasts and curious minds alike. The following seven amazing art galleries each contribute to the city’s thriving artistic narrative in its own distinctive way.

Dow Art Gallery

Situated within the historic Dow Art Building in St. Paul, The Dow Gallery and Picture Framing emerges as one of the Twin Cities grandest art destinations, drawing art enthusiasts together to foster community. Established in 1996 by the visionary curator and master framer Khanh Tran, this gallery pulsates with energy, unveiling fresh talents each month within its expansive 3,600 square-foot realm. Exclusive to local artists, the gallery nurtures longer-term collaborations. Notably, in 2019, it clinched the prestigious TOSCA Award, crowning it the “Best Gallery in the Twin Cities.” In the crucible of 2020, the gallery curated a sprawling anthology of pandemic and civil unrest-inspired art, an exhibit that continues to grace their virtual domain.

2242 University Ave. W, St. Paul, Minn. 55114

All My Relations Gallery

All My Relations Gallery stands as an artistic oasis that resonates with an awareness of the city’s indigenous history and its contemporary Native communities.  Their endeavor, which is under the auspices of the Native American Community Development Institute, stands tall as an American Indian-owned and operated sanctuary for contemporary fine arts. Positioned at the crossroads of Minneapolis’ American Indian Cultural Corridor, this gallery emanates a magnetic allure as the Midwest’s nucleus of indigenous artistic expression. It champions the ascent of Native artists, carving pathways for their success. The gallery’s calendar unfurls four seasonal fine arts exhibitions, complemented by an orchestra of tours, presentations and musical gatherings, composing an enriched cultural narrative.

1414 East Franklin Ave., Minneapolis, Minn. 55404

Groveland Gallery

Groveland Gallery’s historic location (Photo courtesy of Groveland Gallery)

In 2023, Groveland Gallery unfurled its golden jubilee, a 50-year voyage marked by its dedication to showcasing the artistic soul of Minnesota and its surrounding regions. Anchored in the realm of contemporary representational art, the gallery orchestrates an ongoing pas de deux with its artists, a dance culminating in the presentation of exclusively original creations. Within the storied walls of the 1894-built Frank B. Long House, the gallery hosts six-week long duets of exhibitions. Arts-related events punctuate its calendar, including demonstrations, artist dialogues and opening receptions. Beyond exhibitions, the gallery offers appraisal expertise, collecting advice, cleaning and restoration, and framing and installation services.

25 Groveland Terrace, Minneapolis, Minn. 55403

Rogue Buddha Gallery

Photo: Rogue Art Gallery / Courtesy of Ed Kohler via Flickr (CC by 2.0)

Rogue Buddha Gallery shatters the mold of conventional art spaces, its contours defined by the vision of its creator, Nicholas Harper. Aiming to forge a one-of-a-kind destination, Harper conjured a realm filled with fantastical enchantment. Since 1999, he has played host to visual art, dance, theater, film, music and literary expression. Anchored in the embrace of the “exquisitely dark and beautifully strange,” the gallery cultivates a distinct cultural tapestry. The gallery’s pioneering spirit has carved a niche that reverberates globally, earning it esteemed accolades as one of Minneapolis’ premier art havens and a place among the “20 essential galleries in the world.” Guided by a commitment to inclusivity, Harper welcomes art enthusiasts of all experiences.

357 13th Avenue NE, Minneapolis, Minn. 55413

Midway Contemporary Art

In 2001, a collective of artists unified to give birth to Midway Contemporary Art, a non-profit bastion of visual arts. Unlike conventional galleries, Midway abstains from collecting the art it exhibits, instead cultivating a public research library as its cornerstone. The organization’s hallmark is commissioning  new works from underrepresented artists, often spotlighting those making their Midwest or U.S. debut. All exhibitions are open to the public without charge, igniting a beacon of accessibility to nascent creators. In 2016, Midway partnered with The Andy Warhol Foundation, creating a grant program that fuels pioneering and diverse artistic endeavors within the Twin Cities. This financial lifeline breathes life into projects that might otherwise languish.

527 SE 2nd Avenue, Minneapolis, Minn. 55414

Rosalux Gallery

Photo: Rosalux Gallery / Courtesy of Rosalux Gallery

Defying the perception that visual art is a solitary pursuit, Rosalux Gallery champions the synergy that emerges when artists unite their creative forces. A seedling planted in 2002, this gallery has blossomed into Minnesota’s enduring bastion of collective artistic expression. Rosalux fosters the growth of careers that mirror the evolving landscape of art. Over its storied journey, the gallery has nurtured a community of 80 artists, bestowing upon them the autonomy to curate their exhibitions to their unique visions, providing a space where provocation and enchantment intertwine. Perched in the heart of northeast Minneapolis, the gallery encourages artists to create work around a central theme, such as a recent exploration into the theme of what it means to be resilient.

315 W. 48th Street, Minneapolis, Minn. 55419

Soo Visual Arts Center

In 2001, artist Suzy Greenburg embarked on a quest to create a gallery that amplifies the voices of underrepresented artists who create provocative work. Thus, SooVAC emerged, a non-profit art space whose essence is to be a canvas for those marginalized by mainstream narratives. Since opening, it has hosted the creations of more than 3,500 artists. Their free exhibitions, an annual pilgrimage for 10,000 inquisitive visitors, morph into a crossroads where art and community converge. The host artist talks, workshops, events and educational programs as well as publishing printed and online catalogs. They focus on “contemporary artists whose work challenges and expands the conventional notions of aesthetics and ideology, never emphasizing ‘salability’ over content.”

2909 Bryant Avenue South #101, Minneapolis, Minn. 55408