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A Comparison of Bus Services from Miami to Orlando

by Allie d'Almo  |  Published February 14, 2024

Bus is the cheapest, fastest and easiest way to travel between Florida’s sunny cities. 

Flixbus has grown to become one of the biggest bus operators in the US and Europe (Photo: FlixBus)

Miami and Orlando are two of Florida’s most popular destinations and, with just 237 miles between them, you can feasibly tick off both in one trip. If you’re in a hurry, you could fly between the two in as little as an hour, though once you factor in security checks, waiting times and airport travel time getting there by bus is almost just as quick. It’s also cheaper and more environmentally friendly too. Over 65 services run per day, operated by eight different coach companies. With so many options to choose from, we’ve decided to make the task a little less daunting by comparing three of the best bus services from Miami to Orlando. 


FlixBus offers a whopping 43 services between Miami and Orlando every day, making it the best option for those working on a tight schedule. It also offers an early 05:30 service from Miami Airport, so you could feasibly reach Orlando by lunchtime. Now one of the best-known bus companies in Europe and North America, FlixBus has built a reputation for its reliable service and cheap prices. Onboard, there’s free WiFi, power outlets at each seat and a toilet. Passengers can choose from a range of departure points, including Miami Airport, Miami Beach Resorts and Downtown Miami, though some services do take slightly longer than those offered by its competitors. 

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RedCoach USA 

Florida-based RedCoach USA has transported more than a million passengers throughout the Sunshine State and was voted ‘best overland travel provider in the Southwest’ by Wanderu in 2022, so you’re in good hands. Coaches are more luxurious than most, with reclining seats, extra legroom and free WiFi onboard. There are three coach classes to choose from: first class with 27 seats, business class with 38 seats and Premium economy with 56 seats. Coaches only stop at major Floridian destinations, so journey time never exceeds 4 hours 15 minutes. There are six services per day to choose from, each departing from Miami Airport. It’s an excellent option for those looking to travel between the two cities as quickly as possible. 

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North America’s most iconic bus service only operates one service per day. Buses depart at 05:55 from Miami Airport and arrive at The Florida Mall almost ten hours later, making it the slowest option on our list. That said, it’s also the cheapest. You’ll need to hop off the bus twice for a two-hour transfer at Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach too. FlixBus acquired the company in 2021 and, while the company does still operate its own fleet of buses, most of these have been updated in line with FlixBus’s offering to include free WiFi, power outlets and air conditioning. It’s the best option for those on a budget with time to spare. 

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