7 Tasty Food Tours in Vancouver, BC

by Bridgette Redman  |  Published August 30, 2023

Vancouver is a city that tantalizes the taste buds with its rich and diverse culinary landscape.

Gastown Walking Food Tour (Photo courtesy of

Embarking on a culinary journey through Vancouver means immersing yourself in a medley of flavors that reflect the city’s multicultural essence. From savory delights inspired by the vibrant cultures of Asia to the finest offerings of farm-to-table goodness, Vancouver’s food scene is an exploration waiting to be savored. If you’re a food enthusiast, look no further than our curated selection of seven delectable food tours. Designed to cater to a range of tastes, these tours promise an unforgettable adventure through different neighborhoods and cuisines. Our handpicked tours are your gateway to discovering the heart and soul of Vancouver’s culinary identity.

Gastown Walking Food Tour

Sample a taste of Vancouver’s most delicious food and fascinating history all on a single 3-hour walking tour. Step onto the cobbled stone streets of Gastown, Vancouver’s oldest neighborhood where you’ll taste local foods and sip alcoholic beverages (or non-alcoholic options, if you choose). A storytelling guide will take participants through the city with stops at seven unique restaurants and shops. The neighborhood’s Wild West history, dating back 150 years, is revealed as the tour moves through the historic neighborhood. Come hungry, as the tour dips into places serving such local bites as crispy and sweet chili cauliflower, Canadian poutine, organic ice cream and decadent waffles. Wash down such international flavors as Japanese Kar-age style chicken and Sicilian tortellini with local craft beer and wine. From $95.32 per person.

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Street Art and Craft Beer Walking Tour with Tasting

Street Art & Craft Beer Walking Tour with Tasting (Photo courtesy of

Take three hours out of your day to sample some of Vancouver’s top-quality art and best local craft beer. It’s one of the tastiest ways to experience the city. Toonie Tours (which also offers a similar tour but with coffee rather than beer) maps a tour through the alleyways of Mount Pleasant and the streets of Vancouver led by a passionate local. Starting at Olympic Village Square, the tour immediately moves into a pub for a craft beer sample and then heads to what they call Vancouver’s best-kept secret: The Beaumont Studios, a hidden artist studio with an average of 30 artists creating top-quality art. From there, the tour will visit such places as Parallel 49 and Electric Bicycle Brewing, all while taking routes that lead participants along streets splashed with spectacular murals and public art. From $51.66 per person.

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Food Walking Tour of Granville Island Public Market

Food walking tour of Granville Island Public Market (Photo courtesy of

You’re in the hands of an expert on this Robert Sung Tour, for they’ve contracted with an off-duty chef to take you on a two-hour walking tour to taste some of the best food available at the Granville Island Public Market. The guide will lead participants through the stalls to sample such homemade culinary delights as maple-cured salmon, ciabatta bread, artisanal chocolates, Canadian cheeses and fresh doughnuts. The tour offers up chai tea lattes and provides glimpses into Granville Island’s craft beer scene, art galleries and specialty restaurants. The chef will share background about Granville Island’s shops and businesses while revealing where to find the freshest and most unique foods. The tour is limited to ten people to keep the experience an intimate one. From $66.56 per person.

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North Vancouver Shipyards Food Tour

North Vancouver Shipyards Food Tour (Photo courtesy of

Waterfront lovers can fill their bellies on this 2.5-hour walking tour through the North Vancouver Shipyards. Take to the water for a 12-minute sea bus ferry ride to the Lonsdale Quay Market. Taste Vancouver Food Tours has recruited a storyteller to lead tourists through the Shipyards District on a tour that showcases a wide range of cuisines, unique shopping and cultural events. Participants will visit local market merchants and enjoy scenic waterfront views. In addition to meeting local vendors, participants indulge in six food tastings include such delights as Lebanese Mezze platters, home-made soup, pizza, donuts, fried chicken, ice cream and chocolate. Wash those delicacies down with local drinks such as Radler, beer, wine and cider. From $82.25 per person.

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Vancouver Asian Food Tour

Vancouver Asian Food Tour (Photo Courtesy of

With a large Asian population, Vancouver boasts some of the most authentic Asian food in North America. This tour provides sampling of cuisines from Hong Kong, Shanghai, Taiwan and other places as available. The tour guide was born in northern China and immigrated to Canada at age 15. He loves to eat out and search for the best restaurants and hidden food courts every week.  Having immersed himself into food history, he shares his knowledge on the tour, guaranteeing that participants’ knowledge of Asian cuisine will make grow. The 2.5 hour tour is limited to five travelers who will get to sample such foods (subject to availability) as Shanghai soup dumpling, Sichuan chili oil wonton, Tianjin meat bun, Taiwan beef wrap, and Taiwan milk tea. From $127.53 per person.

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Private Food Tour Tailored to You By a Local

Private Food Tour Tailored to You By a Local (Photo courtesy of

Everyone’s tastes are different, which is why City Unscripted pairs tourists with hosts so they can experience Vancouver’s vibrant food scene like a local. The host personalizes each experience to the guest, consulting with them on the type of food they most want to experience and then puts together a tour to match the tastes of the participants. They’ll lead the way through Vancouver’s diverse neighborhoods and distinctive mini-districts, demonstrating why Vancouver is Canada’s dine-out capital. Walk the cobblestone streets of Gastown, taste bao buns in Chinatown, sip the city’s famous craft brews and savor a bit of seafood heaven. Each tour will include six to eight food tasting and two alcoholic beverages. The host will meet you at your hotel or any location in Vancouver. From $232.16 per person.

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Vancouver Gastown: Three-Hour Gastronomic Tour

Three-hour Gastronomic Tour (Photo courtesy of

Spend three hours wandering through Gastown, the birthplace of Vancouver while engaging in a progressive meal at three of the neighborhood’s best and most iconic restaurants. The journey wends its way through the mysterious streets of Gastown with a storyteller ready to inspire with tales of the locals who thrive there. It’s a chance to connect with the past, present and future of the neighborhood all while savoring some of the finest cuisine available in the district. From savory to sweet, the cuisine is served via three courses at restaurants known for their culinary prowess. Not only does the tour include the guided introduction to Gastown, all the food tastings and wine and beer tastings, but each participant is given Foodie Tours Cheat Sheet access for recommended Vancouver restaurants to use throughout the rest of their stay. From $180.88 per person.

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