A Comparison of Islamorada Sandbar Tours

by Cedric Pentonville  |  Published December 12, 2021

Head out to the Islamorada Sandbar, accessible only on a boat tour, where you can find one of Florida’s biggest parties on the water.

(Photo: Reefquesttours.com)

Sandbars are not uncommon in Florida. There are a couple off the shore of Miami, and there are plenty to be found along the Florida Keys. Also known as shoals, they generally consist of a long, thin strip of sand which may break the surface of the water in places or at low tide, but often do not. In the past they were a nightmare for ships, but in today’s world they’re a haven for leisure-seekers. Here are some of the best Islamorada Sandbar tours taking advantage of the broad sandbar and its shallow waters.

Islamorada Sandbar 2-Hour Tour

Reef Quest is one of the many companies offering private charters to reach the Islamorada Sandbar. But their scaled price structure means that for anybody traveling alone or in a group of up to six people, prices always stay reasonable. Bring items with you that will make your time on the sandbar more fun, including floats, snorkeling gear and even, because the water is so shallow, deckchairs, beach umbrellas and barbecues. Prices start at $200 for one or two people, $250 for three or four, and $300 for five or six. From $200 per person.

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Islamorada Sandbar 4-Hour Tour

If you take the four-hour boat tour option with Reef Quest, you’ll get more time to explore other sights around Islamorada Sandbar, or just set up camp in the shallow waters and party with the scores of other boats bringing folks with the same idea to this popular spot a mile offshore. If scheduling allows on the day, and naturally if you’re having a great time on the Islamorada Sandbar, it’s possible to extend your hire time by an hour for an additional $100. From $500 per person.

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Private 3-Hour Islamorada Sandbar Tour

While many of these tours are largely similar in style and content, this option from Conch City Charters is greatly enlivened by the lighthearted tiki decoration that adorns the vessel. Your experienced captain knows the Islamorada Sandbar well and will always aim to find the best mooring spot. The tiki boat’s speaker system is more powerful than many of the other boats, so you’ll not have your tunes drowned out by everybody else’s, and there’ll be a cooler full of ice in case you want to bring your own drinks. From $450 per person.

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Sun Seeker Private Boat Charter

Island Adventures provides a four-hour charter that also poses great value if you have a group of five or six people. Everything you need for a party is included, which is particularly useful during the weekends, when a few hundred boats can sometimes moor up along the Islamorada Sandbar. During the trip, you’ll also have the chance to spot marine life and visit mangroves, especially if you’re planning to hire this boat during the week days, when the sandbar is quieter. From $600 per group.

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