Dallas: 5 of the Best JFK Assassination Tours

by Bridgette Redman  |  Published June 29, 2023

Called the darkest day in Dallas’ history, the assassination of President John F. Kennedy continues to reverberate through the city’s history and visitors can take tours visiting all the spots of that fateful day.

(Photo: JFK Memorial Plaza / Courtesy GetyourGuide.com)

For decades, visitors from around the world have been drawn to Dallas, seeking to understand the events that transpired on Nov. 22, 1963. Today, guided tours offer an opportunity to walk in the footsteps of history, delving into the details of the tragic event that forever changed the nation. We’ll describe five of the best tours available from self-guided walking tours to full-day small-group tours, each offering different perspectives and visiting different sites. Some include tickets to the JFK Museum, others go deep into conspiracy theories surrounding the day. All invite tourists to hear the echoes of the past and join the quest for truth and remembrance.

Full Day Small Group Tour

Delve into the history and uncover the mysteries of one of the nation’s most pivotal moments. Begin your day by exploring Dallas and discovering its iconic landmarks such as Founders Plaza, the historic Old Red Courthouse and the John Neely Bryan Cabin. The tour will take you to Pioneer Plaza, home of the world’s largest bronze collection of life-sized longhorns. You’ll visit historic districts, the world’s largest arts district and a neighborhood housing many celebrities. From there, the dive into the JFK assassination history begins You’ll visit Dealey Plaza where the events took place, including a stop at the JFK Memorial and the Sixth Floor Museum. The tour will take you to the Old School Book Depository Building and the infamous Grassy Knoll. The tour ends at the home of Lee Harvey Oswald, the man accused of the crime, and you’ll be invited to unravel the conspiracies surrounding the event. The tour is available daily from Wednesdays through Sundays and you’ll experience live commentary aboard an air-conditioned vehicle. Admission tickets to key locations are included.  Tickets are $133.33 per person.

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JFK Assassination Highlights Walking Tour

(Photo: The Sixth Floor Museum / Courtesy GetyourGuide.com

Step back in time with this one-hour tour for a quick immersion into the history surrounding the JFK assassination. Accompanied by an expert guide, you’ll journey to the site where the assassination unfolded and explore the poignant monuments erected in honor of the late president. You’ll be heralded with stories and secrets surrounding the day as you delve into the events, conspiracies and the aftermath that shook the nation. Highlights of the tour include a visit to the JFK Memorial Plaza, the Dealey Plaza National Historic Landmark and the Sixth Floor Museum. Throughout the tour, a knowledgeable local guide will provide live commentary, offering invaluable context and shedding light on the historical significance of each site. The tour, offered daily, will take you to the highlights of Dallas’ JFK historical sites. TIckets are $25.99 per person.

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JFK Assassination Tour

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This walking tour begins at Founders Plaza, where the story of Dallas’ origins and its rise to become the fifth-largest metropolitan area in the United States unfolds. You’ll then walk to the JFK Memorial, a white cenotaph designed as a reflection of the emptiness and despair Americans felt when they learned of JFK’s death. Listen to the previously untold tale of Jackie Kennedy’s suffering as she witnessed her husband’s death. Continue your exploration at Dealey Plaza, retracing the steps of the day Kennedy was shot and piecing together the events as they unfolded. Gain deeper insights into the life of the assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald and contemplate the enduring question of whether he acted alone or was part of a wider conspiracy. Stand on the spot where Abraham Zapruder captured the infamous footage of the assassination and witness the haunting “X” marking the exact location where the fatal bullet struck. Conclude your tour on the Grassy Knoll, where eyewitnesses reported hearing a second shot. The English-speaking guide provides commentary on the one-hour walking tour, available daily. Tickets to the museum are not included, but the guide will help you purchase them. From $29 per person.

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Historic Downtown Audio Self-Guided Walking Tour

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Perhaps you prefer a more independent experience, in which case this self-guided tour is for you. The audio tour is delivered through your smartphone using GPS services. The tour grants you the freedom to explore at your own pace and on your own schedule. You’ll encounter a tapestry of iconic sites that hold significant historical stories. From the solemn JFK Memorial and the humble John Neely Bryan Cabin to the revered Founders Plaza and the majestic Old Red, each location has its own tale to share. The tour will lead you to Dealey Square, home of the Grassy Knoll and the Texas School Book Depository. Dive into the story of Lee Harvey Oswald. The tour goes beyond the JFK story, taking you  to the Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum, the West End District, Wild Bill’s Western Shop, and a steak house. The tour provides a professionally produced and narrated immersive experience edited with music and conveniently guided through your smartphone. The tour duration runs around 45 minutes though it can be paused at any time and it never expires. You can take the tour as many times as you like. Tour is $6.50.

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John F. Kennedy Trolley Tour

(Photo: JFK Trolley Tour / Courtesy Viator.com)

This is the original JFK tour, with designated trolleys that traverse the streets of Dallas, tracing the path of the motorcade and reliving the fateful moments that unfolded on that day. The journey begins in Dealey Plaza and then moves to the John F. Kennedy Memorial Plaza where you are given 10 minutes to visit and pay your respects. The journey then travels to the Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza, housed within the old Texas School Book Depository building. Tickets to this location are not included in the tour. Delve into the story of Lee Harvey Oswald at the Oswald Rooming House Museums, the place where Oswald acquired his pistol. The next stop is the Texas Theatre where the Dallas police arrested Oswald. Finally, stand on the infamous Grassy Knoll, nestled behind the picket fence and contemplate the countless theories and questions that have arisen from this spot. This tour covers all four days surrounding the assassination, offering an immersive experience and a deeper understanding of this historic moment in time. The tour lasts  hour and 45 minutes and there are four tours daily from Thursdays through Mondays. From $22.

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