Best Laundry Pickup and Delivery Services in Los Angeles

by Bridgette Redman  |  Published March 3, 2024

From star-filled Hollywood to thrilling sports contests, Los Angeles offers its visitors so much to do that no tourist will want to spend their time doing laundry.


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Exploring Los Angeles is an exhilarating experience for travelers, but amidst the excitement, mundane tasks like laundry fall pretty far down the list of things most want to do. Luckily, the city offers convenient laundry pickup and delivery services, ensuring visitors can enjoy their stay without the hassle of laundry duties. From renowned companies with user-friendly apps, like Rinse, to eco-conscious options like Laundryheap, travelers can easily schedule pickups and track their laundry’s progress while exploring LA’s iconic attractions. Discover how these services cater to the needs of travelers, providing a seamless solution to maintaining freshness and convenience during their stay in the City of Angels.


Rinse offers a convenient laundry solution through their user-friendly app, allowing you to easily schedule and track your laundry tasks. Their service includes picking up your laundry between 8 p.m. and 10 p.m. on a day of your choosing, and they even provide personalized laundry bags. Standard turnaround time is 3-4 days, with rush options available for an additional $9.95. Whether you opt to schedule online, via their app, or through text messages, Rinse ensures that each load is washed separately in its own machine to prevent any mixing of garments. They adhere to standard procedures unless you specify otherwise, in which case they strive to accommodate your requests. Additionally, they provide reassurance by sending you a picture of your laundry being washed. Pricing for non-subscription services is $2.50 per pound, along with a $9.95 delivery fee and a $5 service fee.


On the other hand, Laundryheap offers next-day delivery and flexibility to meet individual needs. Originating in London in 2014 with a commitment to sustainability, they’ve expanded to 12 countries. Using an emissions-free fleet of electric and pedal-powered vehicles, they partner with local laundry services to provide green services with prompt turnaround times. Los Angeles service areas include Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, West Hollywood and Glendale. Their app allows you to easily schedule pickups and returns, with the option to live-track delivery and monitor laundry status. With 24/7 customer service support available, changes to orders or inquiries can be addressed promptly. Orders start at a minimum of $35, with wash and dry services priced at $2.19 per pound and ironing and dry cleaning at $3.49 per item. Service fees amount to $4.95, and delivery is free.


WashClub LA

At WashClub LA, they understand that life can sometimes be difficult–it’s why they want to ease people’s burdens by doing their laundry for them. When they first opened in Los Angeles in late 2014,  a building fire immediately destroyed their building. They rebuilt a modern laundromat and now use commercial-grade Dexter and Milnor washers and dryers and hypoallergenic and medical-grade detergents provided by BC Industries. With an online or mobile app, their customers can schedule free pickup and delivery seven days a week. They’ll pick up the laundry between 5 p.m. and 10 p.m. and return it to the customer within 24 hours. Their services cover the greater Los Angeles area (Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Venice, West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Culver City, Sherman Oaks, Century City, Malibu, Marina Del Rey and Playa Del Rey) and prices start at $2.49 per pound.

WashClub LA