A Comparison of Luxury & Boutique Hotels in Rotterdam, Netherlands

by Chris Newens  |  Published December 6, 2023

Holland’s second city, Rotterdam, is one of the great port towns of the world, with some fascinating working architecture, a progressive, outward-looking vibe, and much to surprise the curious traveller.

Hotel New York (Photo: Hotel New York Courtesy

Used to welcoming visitors from foreign parts for centuries and still today an international business hub, Rotterdam’s hotel game is solid, if not always strong on character. When it comes to luxury, functional is the order of the day, though we’ve searched high and low to find some of the more interesting deals – or failing that, the places where that functional luxury functions highest.

Hotel New York
One of the more unique luxury venues in Rotterdam, the Hotel New York is housed in what used to be the headquarters of the venerable old cruise line Holland America, and still boasts a good helping of 19th century Trans-Atlantic charm. Right by the port, with stunning views of the water, you step from wood panelled communal areas into trendy modern rooms, which play with design features from the golden age of travel. Two onsite restaurants – one more a café, the other a New York-style underground bar – complete the picture. From 137 euros per night

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Suitehotel Pincoffs

Suitehotel Pincoffs (Photo: Suitehotel Pincoffs Courtesy

Among the steel and glass of modern Rotterdam, this beautiful building from the 1870s is rare reminder of the port town’s long history. The large, individually-styled suites have an almost domestic feel – albeit a very fashionable one, where classic design flourishes are given a contemporary spin. Overlooking the town’s famous Erasmus Bridge, Suitehotel Pincoffs is a small scale hotel which feels connected to the city in a way that’s unusual among high end establishments – its bar attracts as many Rotterdam locals as it does guests. From 150 euros per night

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Mainport Design Hotel

Sitting at the very top of the top end, Mainport Design Hotel is as modern-feeling as Rotterdam itself. Located with its own jetty on the banks of the Maas River, right in the centre of town, its sleek and spacious interiors are perfectly designed to ease away all the frictions of the outside world. Think vast and vastly comfortable beds, pinpoint temperature controls, great views out over the water, and much more. The most luxurious rooms even have en suite suanas! Naturally enough, when it comes to hotels like this, there’s also an onsite spa and wellness area. From 162 euros per night

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The Slaak Rotterdam

The Slaak Rotterdam (Photo: The Slaak Rotterdam Courtesy

Pulling out all the stops with its up-to-the-minute interior design, the Slaak Rotterdam is easily the trendiest hotel on this list. With rooms inspired by everything from Picasso to mid-Century modernism, all put together with a post-modern flourish. It’s like a stay in a contemporary art gallery – but altogether more comfortable. Well located in the centre of town, and boasting an onsite restaurant, bar, and fitness centre, the Slaak is a hotel that makes an impact. From 175 euros per night

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CitizenM Rotterdam

CitizenM specialises in a different kind of hotel service. This Dutch chain opened its first ever outlet at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam, and has since spread out to conquer the world with its frictionless check in service, Smart rooms, and expertly-trained staff on hand 24 hours of the day to meet all your needs. This super-trendy Rotterdam outlet right in the city centre is one of its flagships. By linking up to the CitizenM app, you can control the environment of your room to the most exacting degree, access your own streaming accounts on the TV, and arrive at and depart from the hotel entirely at your own leisure. From 116 euros per night

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