Ohio State Football Tickets 2018 & 2019 – Where to buy

by Scott Dylan  |  Published August 20, 2018

The mighty Buckeyes are getting ready for another epic season at the Horseshoe in Columbus. At $1.5 billion, Ohio State is the highest-valued college football program in the country, and its ticket prices are no exception, with season tickets going for over $1000 and tickets to the season final with Michigan going for ~$300.

Horseshoe Stadium by Anne Bennet via Flickr

The 2018-2019 season starts on Sept. 1 with a match against Oregon State and ends on Nov. 24 with a match against their historic rival University of Michigan. Ohio State is a shoo-in for the post-season playoffs. So where’s the best place to buy cheap tickets to see the Bucks? We recommend the two leading websites and well as one other website that offers tickets.

Ticketmaster is the official reseller of Ohio State football tickets, and sell both retail and resale tickets to all of the Buckeye’s games. If you buy resale tickets, Ticketmaster’s Verified Tickets policy ensures that the resale tickets you purchase are re-issued in your name and are 100% authentic. Whether you buy retail or resale tickets, you’ll have to pay some fees. Ticketmaster charges a “service fee” that averages about 15-20% of the ticket price as well as a “delivery fee” the depends on the delivery method. Ticketmaster’s fees are often lower and a bit more transparent than StubHub’s, although its interface is a bit more difficult to use. To purchase tickets, simply search for the game you want then select then seats you want from the color-coded stadium map. You’ll see “Resale” on the sidebar if the tickets your looking at are being resold by another ticket-holder. If not, you’re buying direct.
In its defense, StubHub’s interface is a bit easier to use that Ticketmaster’s. Just punch in Buckeyes or Ohio State and you’ll see everything that’s on offer. Although StubHub has more regular season games to choose from, prices were generally higher than Ticketmaster. That’s not to mention the fees that StubHub charges which can add as much as 30% to the final price. If StubHub has the tickets to the event and the seats you want, great; but you’ll probably pay a premium to get them. If you’re looking for the cheapest tickets possible, look for resale tickets through Ticketmaster.
Ohio State is very likely to make it to the 2018/2019 post-season bowl games. If you’re looking for combined ticket and hotel packages to the Bucks’ bowl game(s), PrimeSport is your best option. Sign up for package alerts now and you’ll get in ahead of the crowds when the College Playoff Selection Committee makes it picks in mid-December. A couple of tickets to the bowl games would make the perfect Christmas or New Year’s gift for the diehard Bucks fan in your circle.