Where to Find Parking in Key West

by Paul Joseph  |  Published May 5, 2024

One of Florida’s most popular spots, Key West is notoriously tricky for parking – especially in the historic Old Town – but knowing where to look can give you a real advantage.

An intersection of Duval and Front Streets in Key West (Photo: Jon Dawson via Flickr / CC BY-ND 2.0 DEED)

With its charming pastel-hued houses, sun-kissed beaches and breath-taking coral reefs, the island city attracts a large number of visitors every year. And enough of them arrive in their own cars to make parking a major endeavour – not to mention an often expensive one. However, with a modest amount of planning you can usually find a spot that won’t break the bank. We’ve done some of the leg work for you and compiled a guide to parking in Key West below.

The options for parking in Key West primarily come down to metred street parking or off-street lots and parking garages. There are a large number of metered street spaces available, which are enforced 7 days per week from 8am to midnight and are priced at $3 per hour. Alternatively, if you prefer the security of off-street covered parking, there are several lots and garages to pick from. One of our number one choices for those visiting the historic Old Town is the Old Town Parking Garage on Grinnell and Caroline Street, where you’ll pay $5 per hour and can also make use of the Park n Ride service that takes you to other parts of the city. If you’re coming into the district for an afternoon or evening, rather than all day, then you might consider the nearby Key West Bright Lot on Margaret & Caroline Street, which charges $16 for a maximum 6-hour stay.

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Free parking in Key West

As outlined above, metered street spaces are not enforced between midnight and 8am – but that’s unlikely to help the average driver. While most street parking in Key West is metered, there are still some free spots if you know where to look, particularly around Downtown. Your best bet is to try and find a free space in one of the district’s side streets, but there are not that many and the majority are reserved for locals and require a permit.

Long-stay parking in Key West

If you’re staying in Key West and don’t have free parking at your accommodation, the best way to land a cheap parking deal is by finding long-term parking. This can save you serious cash and is also far more convenient than hunting for street parking each day or paying steep day rates at a parking garage. The best value long-term parking in Key West is actually at Key West International Airport, located around 1.8 miles east of Downtown. Here, overnight day rates are $21, but weekly rates are just $126 – representing a saving of over $80 per month compared with paying for individual days.

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