Where to Find Parking in Miami South Beach

by Paul Joseph  |  Published February 20, 2024

Glorious beaches, a glamorous nightlife scene and luxury shops galore help make Miami South Beach a magnet for visitors – putting parking at a real premium.

The streets around Miami South Beach at sunset (Photo: R Boed via Flickr / CC BY 2.0 DEED)

Finding a parking space in Miami South Beach can be a little tricky, but far from impossible with sufficient planning. The general rule to follow is that the closer you are to the beach, the more difficult it’ll be to find a spot. However, as long as you’re willing to pay for the privilege, there are plenty of options for finding a safe and secure place to leave your car for anything from an hour through to several days or weeks on end.

The options for parking in Miami South Beach primarily come down to metred off-street parking or off-street lots and parking garages. There are a wide choice of metered spaces available, with a standard rate of $4 per hour. Alternatively, if you’d rather the security of off-street covered parking, there are several lots and garages to choose from. Our number one pick is the Fifth & Alton garage, about a 20-minute walk from the sandy shore of South Beach, where you’ll pay $2 per hour.

You can book the above parking garage on Spothero.com, as well as at several other parking lots in Miami South Beach.

Free parking in Miami South Beach

While Miami South Beach doesn’t have any designated free parking garages, certain street parking areas are free outside of metred hours. However, these tend to be outside of peak hours, meaning that you’ll almost certainly have to pay. If you’re only coming into the area for an hour or two, you’re more likely to find a free spot, with many supermarkets and stores offering limited free parking. However, be sure to check signs and whether or not you need  to grab a parking redemption ticket before departing.

Long-stay parking in Miami South Beach

If you’re staying in Miami South Beach and don’t have free parking at your accommodation, you may want to consider finding a long-term parking spot to save you searching for street parking each day or paying hefty day rates at a garage. If you’re planning to spend a fair bit of time in or around South Beach, paying for monthly parking can be a real money saver. So, for example, at Pelican Garage, located just a few minutes’ walk from South Beach, overnight day rates are $25, but monthly rates are just $250 – representing a saving of over $400 compared with paying for individual days for an entire month.

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