Where to buy Paris Saint Germain football tickets

by Paul Joseph  |  Published January 15, 2019

Founded in 1970, modern-day Paris Saint-Germain is the result of a merger between Stade Saint-Germain and Paris FC. However, it was not until the 1990s that PSG truly began to develop into a giant of French football. Then, in 2011 the club was propelled into the ranks of the global elite when it fell under the ownership of the mega rich Qatar Sports Investments. Before long the club had been pumped full of Qatari cash and today boasts a roster that includes some of the greatest players in world football. PSG’s stadium, Parc des Princes, is located in the south-west of Paris and has a capacity of just under 48,000.

A PSG game taking place at Parc des Princes (Photo: Philippe Agnifili via Flickr)

The French top division is contested by 20 teams and the domestic season takes place from August to May. Most games are played on Saturdays and Sundays, with a few games played during weekday evenings. In accordance with TV Broadcasting rights, the final date and time of football matches are only confirmed approximately 15 days before the match. Additionally, fixtures are normally suspended for two weeks before Christmas and then returns in January in order to give teams a rest. If you’re planning a trip to Paris and like the idea of attending a game, you can check out PSG’s fixtures for the rest of the season on the official club website, or elsewhere online.

Our match ticket search results

Due to the large number of season ticket holders and official club members at PSG, tickets for the most high profile games at the Parc des Princes can be relatively tough to come by. However, if you’re happy to attend a less prestigious game – or have a large budget to blow on a ticket – there are some other options available to you. Here are three of the best.

Paris St Germain Official Website

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All tickets for PSG home games are sold for the ‘local’ section of the stadium (i.e. where all the tourists will be gathered). Tickets can be purchased online, and the club guarantees that tickets ordered in pairs will always be seated next to each other, and when more than two tickets are bought for the same game, they make efforts to also keep them together. All tickets are e-tickets and are emailed to you around one week prior to the game. One benefit comes if you book as a group, with groups of at least 9 people being eligible for a discount. However, anyone buying tickets through the club website should be aware that there’s a 20% convenience fee levied on all bookings.
As dates and times of Ligue 1 fixtures aren’t officially confirmed until around a week before the game, those coming to Paris for a short period may not want to book tickets in advance, in case the match ends up clashing with their plans. But the great thing about Ticketbis is that they often have tickets available all the way up to kick-off, so if necessary you can make a late decision to attend a game. Sellers can charge whatever they want, so tickets for the most prestigious games can sometimes be sky high. For example, when we searched for tickets for the upcoming PSG vs Real Madrid Champions League match, the cheapest ticket available was an eye-watering £427. However, for visitors desperate to see such a glamour clash, Ticketbis is likely to be your best hope. And if you’re happy with a less glamorous fixture, you’ll often find great deals too, with Parc des Princes tickets currently available for as little as £16.
The Viagogo website is used by individual sellers as well as reputable companies looking to shift tickets for music, theatre, festivals and sports events around the world. As you conduct your search, you can select the currency and language of your choice and the site also advises you on how many tickets are left for specific events. When we searched for games at Parc des Princes, there was availability for all of PSG’s fixtures over the coming months, although only a handful of tickets remaining for some. As an example of the kind of pricing you can expect Dijon at the end of January, there are currently tickets for £32 – a fair bit cheaper than with Ticketbis (see above). If you’d like to attend as a group, one other advantage is that with Viagogo you can book multiple tickets in one go, all guaranteed to be next to each other.