Where to Find the Best US Virgin Islands All Inclusive Vacation Packages

by Paul Joseph  |  Published June 5, 2017

Comprising four main islands, along with a liberal sprinkling of smaller islands, the US Virgin Islands are a popular Caribbean getaway for those living in the United States, with no passport required to visit. Among the highlights of most visits is a stop-off in St. Croix, home to European-style historic buildings, art galleries and local crafts markets. Meanwhile the understated elegance of the island’s resorts provide laid-back beachside accommodation overlooking the Caribbean Sea, all-inclusive dining and top notch cocktails.

Those looking for an all-inclusive package in the US Virgin Islands are advised to use one of the current market leading websites to book your trip. These websites normally offer the most options (for flights and resorts) and as market leaders they generally offer the best rates as well. And with hard-earned reputations among consumers to uphold, they also deliver excellent customer service along with lenient cancellation policies.

Below we’ve reviewed the three most reputable travel booking websites. We recommend cross-checking rates to give yourselves the best chance of getting a great deal for your US Virgin Islands adventure.

Clearly-written descriptions of the resorts available give CheapCaribbean an easy and informative user-experience. The website also claims to have stayed at all of the resorts it lists, which would make their recommendations significantly more reliable than many of its competitors. Other handy features include a special ‘deal of the week’, which is particularly useful for families as it includes airport transfers to your resort. On the more negative side, our search for all-inclusive packages to the US Virgin Islands found there are only a limited number of resorts listed – significantly fewer than on the websites below.


Our search for all-inclusive deals to the US Virgin Islands with Expedia found a much larger selection of resorts compared with CheapCaribbean, in particular when it came to luxury options. Furthermore, we also found that rates for certain resorts were substantially lower with Expedia, so we recommend price-checking any deals you find elsewhere. We also found that the website has been very diligent when it comes to its flight research, with all options laid our clearly and concisely. Less positively, the resort’s descriptions are rather basic compared with the other websites.

We found that both the US Virgin Islands resorts listed and their available prices were more or less the same as with Expedia. However, the interface is a little old fashioned and not particularly user friendly, which detracts from the experience, while another downside is that the website does not offer the option of booking airport transfers to your resort. We would primarily recommend Priceline for those who wish to book a US Virgin Islands resort only, with no flight included, as availability and pricing seem to be the most favourable for these types of deals.